Liora Manne Cabana License To Chill Black Mats

Express your appreciation for rest and relaxation with our License To Chill mat. Cabana coir mats are durable and beautiful. Crafted from 100% coir which is an all-natural material known for its strength. Coir is eco-friendly, made from natural fibers which are extracted from the outer shell of a coconut known for its strength and durability. Cabana coir mats feature a durable, stiff coir front and Vinyl backing, perfect for wiping shoes before entering the home, keeping it tidy. Dyes saturate the fibers for long-lasting color.

  • Style: License To Chill
  • Color: Black
  • Made in: India
  • Construction: Machine Made
  • Content: 100% Coir Pile/Vinyl Back
  • Pile Height: .60 in
  • Care Instructions: Clean by shaking, brushing or vacuuming. Keep out of standing water. To prolong life, best used in sheltered area. in
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