by The Rug Truck June 25, 2019 1 min read

Hand-tufted rugs do not have knots. Each yarn is tufted by hand with a tufting gun into the foundation and glued with latex. The rug is then finished with a cloth backing. Tufted rugs are generally <1" thick, which makes them extremely soft, but they do tend to shed more than hand-made or machine-made rugs.
Tufted rugs can be made from wool or synthetic fibers and usually do not have fringe. They are still considered handmade, but they take less time to construct than their hand-knotted cousins. Hand-tufted rugs can less for many years as long as they are maintained properly. When cleaning, never saturate this rug or use a hot steam cleaning method; moisture and high heat can break down the latex used to affix the canvas backing to the rug.