The Great Outdoors

a grey and white striped outdoor area rug is opened on a patio with a pool in the background. A simple white chair and sofa sit on top with a small wooden table on the side.

You are an explorer by nature, born with an adventurers heart. You love all living things. Being surrounded by trees and water and the sounds and colors of the changing of the seasons are what keep you centered throughout the passing days.

Whether it's a house by the ocean, or nestled somewhere in the mountains of the west, you are a believer in an indoor-outdoor balanced lifestyle, no matter the temperature or time of day.

Your favorite retreat is a campfire in the evening surrounded by giant oak trees in your backyard, or a drive down the coast to feel the breeze of the ocean through your sunroof. These are the moments you thrive on and live for.

Your home is reflection of these moments and feelings, and the candle scents inside your living spaces are an indication of that. As are the photographs that adorn your walls, and The Great Outdoors inspired area rugs placed carefully in each room.