Midwestern Farmhouse

a rust colored traditional rug on the floor of a farmhouse looking bedroom. An antique dresser is against the wall and a green settee is on the left. The room is painted white.

You lead a purposeful life, surrounded by loving family, friends and kind-hearted neighbors.  Why wouldn’t you want a generous space like a wraparound porch for entertaining? And when you wish for some solitude to reflect on your daily blessings, your favorite weather-beaten rocker beckons you to take time for yourself. 

Life in a farmhouse dwelling lends itself to your straightforward and practical side. These are beliefs and values you cherish, surrounding yourself with very little ornamentation or grand detailing.  It is quite your nature to seek-out functional furniture and design; comfort above all else. Your shiplap, wrought iron, and vintage accessories were "made to last”. 

Your dream Farmhouse may not actually be in the country or even on a large parcel of land. As long as you crave nostalgia and cherish the Americana sturdy stock, your design features will follow you anywhere!

Check out the Midwestern Farmhouse Area Rug style selections below to find one that suits your simplicity: