Southern Charm

a yellow floral wallpapered dining room with a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A large table with two pug dogs sitting in the foreground and two men seated in the other two chairs. The decor is french provencal with a southern feel. There are antique furniture pieces against the walls such as china cabinets and buffet tables. The area rugs are pastel greens, pinks and yellow floral patterns.

A shrinking "wall-flower" you are not and your gracious style is as warm as a southern breeze. Your passion for hospitality and love of beauty are paramount to your decor choices, including your Southern Charm Area Rug selection; polished heirloom silver, starched sheets, and fresh cut flowers are essential labors of love not to be neglected.

Your home is oozing with a casual yet elegant charm and you're not afraid of combining prints and bright colors as long as they're an expression of your true self. Overstuffed sofas, monogrammed guest towels and a glass of sweet tea on a perfectly placed bar cart suggest that the ability of making a house a home is more of an art than a science.