Urban Contemporary

a modern table is in the foreground with four wooden chairs atop a leather, grey chevron patterned rug. In the background is a modern white kitchen with wooden lined walls and ceilings. There is a fiddle fig leaf tree in the corner and floor to ceiling windows on the right.

In these modern times, you have committed to abandoning your multi-layered, lavish and extravagant decor for a more stripped-down, parsimonious version of yourself.  You have de-cluttered and organized your mind, body and soul, so time to find those natural resources readily available.

Potted, hanging and climbing greenery bring life to your urban abode. Exposed brick and beams, minimal walls, cement floors carefully adorned with a select few Urban Contemporary area rugs to achieve your unabashed, open and exposed internal posture.

Congratulations! You have successfully returned to the flexible, resourceful and creative force you’ve always been; when anything could happen because you wished it so!