by Maranda Jo Shinn July 21, 2020 3 min read

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a World Rug Gallery Area Rug

What happens when you combine consumer-geared manufacturing and beautiful textile design? World Rug Gallery offers the perfect mix of reliability and luxury while still keeping the consumer in mind. Dive into the wonderful designs of area rugs by World Rug Gallery.

Table of Contents

1. World Rug Gallery - A Company for All

2. The Materials



3. The Manufacturing Process

4. Our Favorite World Rug Gallery Rugs

The Nevada Collection

The Monaco Collection

World Rug Gallery - A Company for All

World Rug Gallery is a renowned company that has been in the business for nearly 20 years. Not only do they promise fast shipping and beautiful design, but their products are made with you in mind. From Gaziantep, Turkey, to endless product inventory in the U.S, World Rug Gallery does not falter in its name; their exceptional designs are found all across the globe. We invite you to sink your feet into the world of lavish affordability that World Rug Gallery rugs have to offer.

world rug gallery warehouse east rutherford, new jersey

World Rug Gallery fulfillment warehouse, East Rutherford, NJ

The Materials

Every World Rug Gallery rug is made from synthetic materials, but don’t let that deter you! These rugs are really easy to maintain, considering the fact that they are made from 100% polypropylene or nylon material. You won’t have to worry about your little ones or your furry friends making a mess out of your new rug, plus you still get quality and comfort with it’s thick and plush design.

So, what exactly are polypropylene and nylon materials? Keep reading to find out!


Polypropylene is a material that is made from BPA free plastic. It is melted down and then morphed into this incredibly versatile material. Polypropylene rugs allow for functionality while still providing the same feel that traditional materials would have. These rugs are also incredibly stain resistant, so they’re perfect for both your indoor and outdoor spaces.


Nylon is an extremely strong fiber, and is the second most used fiber in the United States. Common household items like toothbrushes, rope, and even some bedding is made of nylon material. As far as area rugs go, nylon has been used for almost 90 years in order to create unparalleled textile designs, perfect for the ever changing home. Nylon is also a repellent material, so you don’t have to worry about stains or spills.

spools of nylon and polypropylene in rug manufactering warehouse

Spools of nylon and polypropylene ready to weave in World Rug Gallery's manufacturing facility.

How World Rug Gallery Creates their Rugs

Every purchase made in a World Rug Gallery collection comes machine crafted from their assembly line in Turkey, or from shipped from their warehouse in New Jersey. With these two modern facilities, quick turnover time and shipping is key, as they produce nearly four million square feet of area rugs each month. That’s enough area rugs to fill 48 football fields!

Power loom construction is used in the manufacturing of World Rug Gallery rugs, allowing for more intricate designs to be created. Each machine can be individually adjusted to create different sizes, densities, colors, and pile heights. Individual fibers are wrapped around foundation threads, and pressed together to create whichever design you choose to include in your home.

area rug machine manufactering process

World Rug Gallery manufacturing facility in Turkey, machine looms can make multiple area rugs at a time.

Our Favorites in the World Rug Gallery Collection

World Rug Gallery has something that caters to every style and room in the house, but let us guide you to some of our favorite collections!

The Nevada Collection

Bold colors and contemporary design combine to create this beautiful collection. Embrace your own personal expression and add some verve to your floor with one of these designs.

Shop the Entire Nevada Collection

The Monaco Collection

Looking for traditional and elegant design? The distressed, yet timeless and colorful designs of Monaco rugs create a charming and classic appearance in any room.

Shop the Entire Monaco Collection