by Maranda Jo Shinn June 10, 2020 5 min read

Guide for the Best World Rug Gallery Collections

World Rug Gallery has been providing unique area rugs to consumers for nearly 20 years, while being able to produce nearly four million square feet of area rugs each month. With easy shipping, beautiful designs, and the promise of great quality, World Rug Gallery is not a company to pass up.

Today, we will be covering three of our favorite collections, as well as the ins and outs of each. Read further to see all of the wonderful offerings World Gallery Area Rugs have to show, before you make the leap of adding one to your home.

Table of Contents

1. The Alpine Collection

What We Love About The Alpine Collection

The Alpine Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Picking an Alpine Collection Area Rug

2. The Florida Collection

What We Love About the Florida Collection

The Florida Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Picking a Florida Collection Area Rug

3. The Newport Collection

What We Love About the Newport Collection

The Newport Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Picking a Newport Collection Area Rug

4. More World Gallery Collections to Spark the Imagination

The Avora Collection

The Monaco Collection

The Alpine Collection

This series of area rugs displays trendy geometric patterns with classic color combinations that will grab anyone’s attention when walking into the room.

What We Love about the Alpine Collection

The World Rug Gallery Alpine Collection’s contemporary design is a sophisticated and simply beautiful way to accent any room. It displays a hint of color that enables the personality of the room to shine, not to mention it accents your favorite decor.

An Alpine rug can assist you in creating a dynamic and stylish space easily, while still bringing your creative side. World Rug Gallery allows for an art-deco design to be available to all with this collection, without you feeling the need to compete for the limited and expensive supply of modern rugs on the market.

We adore the fact that these rugs are stain resistant and easy to maintain, considering the fact that they are made from 100% polypropylene material. Don’t let this synthetic material scare you away! You won’t have to worry about your little ones or your furry friends making a mess out of your work of art! And you still get quality and comfort with it’s thick and plush design.


Alpine 110 Blue 5'3" x 7'3"

How to Style with The Alpine Collection

Each World Rug Gallery Alpine rug holds an individual and unique design. From floral patterns to more simplistic geometric shapes, these rugs can be the center of attention, or lay low and still do the job of highlighting decor.

This being said, Alpine Rugs are not for every style. Their highly expressive design can distract from simplistic design and cause clashing with other furniture pieces when not placed properly. To create a coordinated and attractive space, we recommend to base your choice off of the lighting and color schemes of your room, as well as your own personal preference. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Things to Consider Before Buying an Alpine Collection Area Rug

All in all, The Alpine Collection is perfect for the modern home. It offers a pop of color along with a distinctive design that no one will forget.

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Unsure if this collection is right for you? Check out World Rug Gallery’s next collection.

The Florida Collection

This collection offers simplistic designs with an added touch of comfort, creating the perfect addition for any home.

What We Love About The Florida Collection

The World Rug Gallery Florida Collection has something to give to everyone. These rugs are as beautiful as they are practical, and you’ll get the design you need in your life without the high price tag. With a distinctive one and a quarter inch pile (ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic), there is no question that you will fall in love with these rugs with every step you take.

The Florida Collection provides the ultimate combination of luxury and affordability while still keeping style and gorgeous hues in mind.


Florida 2727 Cream 5'3" x 7'3"

How to Style with The Florida Collection

With this type of rug, we recommend truly making it your own. The simple designs of each allow you to choose to amp up your space with quirky decor and more, or have it serve as a statement piece of its own . It is impossible to go amiss with a Florida collection rug.

While seeming boring due to their monochromatic scheme, these rugs can amplify your room in many ways. We love how this collection allows for a type of introduction for newbies to interior design. Even the most simple designs can allow you to open doors to endless creativity and originality in your room.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Florida Collection Area Rug

There are few downsides to having a high pile height, however, door clearance is a big one. We don’t recommend placing this type of rug in an area where doors would be an issue. These types of area rugs are perfect for family gatherings, parties, and even small get-togethers. Overall, we recommend placing it where it can serve as an inviting statement of coziness for you and your guests.

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The Newport Collection

This line of rugs combines traditional motifs and neutral schemes along with subtle pops of color to create a nonchalant, friendly addition to any home.

What We Love about The Newport Collection

This collection holds a lot of variety. With multiple designs and color offerings, it is hard to choose which one we love the most!

Newport rugs feature a fantastic mix of great patterns and gentle colorings that are sure to accent your decor with a spark of originality.

Newport 9099 Grey 6'6" Round

How to Style with The Newport Collection

The World Rug Gallery Newport Collection is great for someone who wants to experiment with adding pops of color to their room. This collection offers small amounts of color in each of their designs, while keeping the base of each neutral or earthy tones.

These rugs are also made out of polypropylene, which is low maintenance and perfect for a long lifespan in a dynamic home. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, these rugs are easy to clean, mold resistant, and simple to maintain all year long. We recommend placing these rugs somewhere you want to experiment with color, such as a foyer or a sunroom, however they can be placed anywhere you desire!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Newport Collection Area Rug

Overall, the World Rug Gallery Newport Collection is good for home decorators who are open to experimenting with design elements that are unique and on trend.

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More World Rug Gallery Collections to Spark the Imagination

The Avora Collection

If you enjoyed the above collections, but are looking for a thinner pile with a non slip design, check out the Avora collection. With a low pile height of 0.2 inches, and 100% nylon material, this rug traps less dirt while still providing style and comfort in any room you wish.

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The Monaco Collection

Looking for a more classically elegant rug? We recommend the Monaco Collection. Combining bold colors with an intricate design creates a charming and authentic appearance in any room.


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