by Maranda Jo Shinn May 28, 2020 4 min read

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Erin Gates by Momeni Area Rug

Trying to spruce up your home in time for the summer season? Erin Gates combines vibrant colors along with classic patterns to create a comfortable and charming look that is perfect for the interior designer within us all! Uncover the beauty, and transform your house into a home with the Erin Gates for Momeni collection.

Table of Contents

1. Erin Gates - From the Ground Up

2. The Materials

Natural Fibers

Synthetic Materials

Leather/Faux Fur


3. The Manufacturing Process

Machine Made


4. Our Favorites in the Erin Gates by Momeni Collection

The Park Collection

The Thompson Collection

Erin Gates – From the Ground Up

Well renowned in the industry for her passion for design, Erin Gates knew from a very young age that she wanted to be involved with interior design. As the founder of her own design company, she built her own business and has blogged the process for nearly 13 years, successfully documenting the remodeling of homes from coast to coast.

She emphasizes the fact that each individual life is beautiful and precious, and our homes should reflect that in an exercise of self discovery and expression. Both Erin’s blog and design reflects that no life is perfect, and dials in on the humanity that lies within each of our hearts. As for her design, every rug promises a spark of originality while maintaining Erin Gates’ promotion of classic, yet modern flair.

Erin herself proudly posing upon her Acadia faux fur collection

The Materials

Erin Gates Momeni rugs are made from various types of materials depending on which suits your lifestyle. This unique collection of high quality rugs ensures sustainability, affordability, and coziness in every design. From family gatherings, holidays, and everything in between, the Erin Gates for Momeni collection is one of great quality.

Natural Fibers

With 100% jute material in her Westshore Collection, and Coir in her Park doormat collection, these rugs are a major crowd pleaser. Jute is a burlap type substance made from vegetable fibers. Coir is made from coconut husks!

close up shot of natural area rug

Close-up shot of Erin's 100% Westshore area rug in Natural

Synthetic Materials

Polypropylene and PET (fully recycled material made from plastic!) materials allow for a durable, sustainable, and low maintenance rug that is perfect for a long lifespan in a dynamic home. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, these rugs are easy to clean, mold resistant, and simple to upkeep all year long, while still maintaining a natural and traditional appearance.

an elegant living room with a brown zebra ottomon on top of a brown and white geometric area rug.

100% Recycled Plastic Newton NWT-1 Holden Brown can be used both indoors and out!

Leather/Faux Fur

An 80% Mod-Acrylic, 20% Polyester blend creates a faux fur appearance while still preserving a plush and comfortable surface to walk on.

faux fur animal skin area rug in zebra print.

Cruelty-free Acadia ACA-01 Zebra Grey


Classic material meets beautiful pastel and geometric design, these cushy rugs stay looking fresh for eons, with little damage from daily wear and tear. The 100% Wool design is perfect to accent a variety of interiors.

two grey tufted sofas facing eachother on top of a geometric grey rug.

100% Wool, handwoven Langdon LGD-1 Prince Grey

The Manufacturing Process

Erin Gates rugs are typically made using two methods of fabrication- hand weaving and machine power looms. While the two processes are very different in their own way, there is no question that a great deal of craftsmanship goes into each design.

Machine Made

Power loom construction is used in the Erin Gates rug collection, allowing for more of her intricate designs to be created. Each machine can be individually adjusted to create different sizes, densities, colors, and pile heights. Machine made rugs by Momeni focus on creating a sturdy design while keeping the classic elements of design that Erin Gates prides herself on.

Hand Woven

These rugs are assembled from skilled artisans gifted in the realm of hand-weaving. This takes a special type of loom, and each design you see on the rug has been hand crafted from individual fibers that are wrapped around a special rod during the weaving process. This creates an even more unique design within each and every rug.

With Erin Gates rugs, hand woven design makes up more than half of her collection, ensuring that each one is handcrafted with you in mind.

Our Favorites in the Erin Gates by Momeni Collection

Erin Gates by Momeni has something to offer for every style and season, but for the budding summer season, let us guide you to some of our favorites!

The Park Collection

This collection of coir doormats is perfect to ring in the summer. See a pleasing design every time you step into your home. From adorable pineapples, to a more classic geometric design, this collection will cause you and your guests to look twice when walking into your space!

Shop the Entire Park Collection

The Thompson Collection

Adorable pastels meet traditional and simple graphics to create timeless creations. These hand-woven area rugs are perfect to highlight any room in the house in a beautifully bohemian design!

Shop the Entire Thompson Collection