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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Madcap Cottage by Momeni Area Rug

Madcap Cottage area rugs are everything you need to transform your living space from drab to fab while still keeping reasonable prices in mind. How does the design duo from High Point, North Carolina create beautiful and approachable designs for all? Follow us down the rabbit hole with Jason Oliver-Nixon and John Loecke to explore the traditional aesthetic of Madcap Cottage by Momeni.

Table of Contents

1. Jason and John - Through the Looking Glass

2. The Materials



Synthetic Materials

Natural Fibers

3.So, What Sets Madcap Cottage Apart?

4. Behind the Minds of Madcap Manufacturing and Design

Finding Inspiration - Even Now!

The Fabrication Process

Hand Made



Machine Made

5. Our Favorites in the Madcap Cottage by Momeni Rugs

The Under A Loggia Collection

The Get Smart Collection

Jason and John – Through the Looking Glass

Madcap Cottage was founded with the whimsical eye in mind. John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon- better known as the Madcaps- quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the interior design world. Known for their exuberance, this couple flaunts their timeless yet gutsy home decor and embraces the community that surrounds them.

They pride themselves on focusing on the personality of each of their customers, while still keeping on trend design in mind. Their goal is to truly make the personal story line and magic within a consumer’s own home stand out, which allows both a livable and welcoming space to be created. Madcap Cottage works to keep the home looking terrific around the clock with their ageless and affordable decor that will withstand each individual journey of life.

The Materials Behind the Madcap Cottage by Momeni Collection

Madcap Cottage rugs are crafted using several different materials, depending on which type suits your lifestyle. From California Bohemian to Southern Charm, there is something tailored for each and every style. We invite you to find a magical addition to your home in this wonderful collection. Take it from Jason himself!

“Everything that we do is about telling stories. John hand paints and sketches all of our patterns… everything works together. It’s about form and function and creating rugs that are truly special to both you and your home, whether it is a scatter rug or a small area rug they all have that combination magic and function.

A lot of our rugs are indoor/outdoor so you can hose them off, and many of them are even made from recycled water bottles, which we love, but we also have the classic offerings in wool material and some great neutral designs as well. We really wanted to create a collection that opens up a world of options to our consumers.”


Cotton rugs by Madcap Cottage allow for an elegant and seamless design to dress up any room. This classic material is both naturally soft and sustainable, with a well established lifetime.

Block Island Capri Beige


Classic material meets modern design, these cushy rugs stay looking fresh for eons, with little damage from daily wear and tear.

yellow and white tartan rug at the foot of a colorful arm chair

Highland Fling A Scotch Please in Gold

Synthetic Materials

Polypropylene and combined synthetic materials allow for a durable and low maintenance rug that is perfect for a long lifespan in a dynamic home. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, these rugs are easy to clean, mold resistant, and simple to maintain all year long, while still achieving the pop of color you want in your area rug.

Some of their rugs are even 100% made of recycled water bottles! Talk about eco-friendly!

blue chinese inspired area rug in a french country living room

Under a Loggia Windsor Park Blue

Natural Fibers

80% Jute material makes way for a classic nude aesthetic, with enhanced patterns and textures to make it stand out in perfect Madcap Cottage style.Heavy duty, yet still incredibly easy to manage, these rugs are pet friendly, and their au-naturale appearances are a wonderful addition to any home.

natural jute area rug infront of a palm tree wall papered wall.

Hardwick Hall HRD-2 Natural

So, What Sets Madcap Cottage Apart?

We sat down with Jason at Madcap Cottage to get the scoop on what sets them apart in a crowd! This was his response:

“We’re storytellers. Our goal was to create a product that engages the audience, and is accessible, but also has a story line to it. For example, we have our pug rugs because we pound rescued pugs which allows us to celebrate our love for pugs and pound rescues. There is more thought and meaning put behind our design.. Everything we do is thoughtful and significant, and there’s real meaning to it that comes from a piece of our own hearts and souls, which follows the Madcap Cottage mandate: good design should be easily available for all!”

pug sitting on yellow rug in a sunroom

One of the Madcaps' rescue pups posing on Under a Loggia Howard's End in Gold

Behind the Minds of Madcap Manufacturing and Design

Finding Inspiration - Even Now!

Being stuck at home for so long has been driving almost everyone to feel down in the dumps on most days. If you find yourself coming down with a case of the quarantine blues, what better time to revamp a room in your home with an area rug? Check out what Jason has to say about how he stays inspired and how Madcap Cottage design breaks that "6th wall" of conventional norms during this time.

“We’re so inspired by travel... From Palm beach to Rajasthan we are lucky enough that we can do a lot of road trips and see what this beautiful world has to offer. For now, we’re really just armchair traveling for the moment.

green and white area rug infront of a palm tree wall papered wall.

Palm Beach Lake Trail Green

We draw inspiration from design books (ones about English houses, travel, great interior designers of the past), Pinterest, artwork, color patterns, movies and more. We’ve been doing a lot of yard work as well which inspires us. Some people think you have to look further, but you can find just as good inspiration in your own backyard as you can by traveling just by keeping your eyes and thoughts wide open to opportunity.”

The Fabrication Process

Each Madcap Cottage rug is crafted with the consumer in mind, and it all starts with hand drawn designs by John. This creates an intimate and meaningful experience every time you walk into your home. Whether it be handmade, hand tufted, or machine made, each Madcap Cottage by Momeni rug is made with you in mind.

Hand Made

These rugs are created on a hand loom. Material is manually threaded to create a beautiful and timeless design. Handmade rugs rarely decay or break down, displaying the great value of workmanship that goes into them.

Hand Woven

These rugs are assembled from skilled artisans gifted in the realm of hand-weaving. This takes a special type of loom, and each design you see on the rug has been hand crafted from individual fibers that are wrapped around a special rod during the weaving process. This creates an even more unique design within each and every rug.

handwoven rug infront of sink in a country kitchen.

Souk Marvelous Marrakech Multi

Hand Hooked

Similar to a handmade rug, a hand hooked rug is made by hand using a special hook shaped device that allows knots to be made and pulled through the backing of the rug. After these knots are made, liquid latex or a different type of glue is placed on the back to secure them. Durable, yet still comfortable, this type of rug is perfect in any home.

floral rug at the foot of a country cottage stairs.

Summer Garden Think of England

Machine Made

Power loom construction is used in the Madcap Cottage machine made rugs, allowing for more of their intricate designs to be created. Each machine can be individually adjusted to create different sizes, densities, colors, and pile heights. The machine made rugs in the Madcap Cottage by Momeni collections are incredibly durable while still maintaining that quirky Madcap design.

Our Favorites in the Madcap Cottage by Momeni Collection

Gaining curiosity? Check out our favorite designs in the Madcap Cottage by Momeni Collection!

The Under A Loggia Collection

Give your home the story it deserves! The combination of gorgeous floral and geometric patterns are guaranteed to instantly add a spark of life to your home!

Shop the Entire Under A Loggia Collection

The Get Smart Collection

Looking to add some words of inspiration or adorable design to your floor? These charming, old-time, yet cheeky designs are perfect for just that. Check out this collection that will bring lighthearted fun into your home in perfect Madcap Cottage style!

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