by The Rug Truck July 16, 2019 2 min read

The words California and Bohemian draw on so many parallels that we couldn't help but put them together to describe this latest craze in interior design. If you identify with this style, you not only love it for the visual appeal, but there's something underneath the surface that entices you. The word bohemian encompasses not only a design style but a way of life. This makes it far more complex than your average decorating genre. If you relate to California Bohemian, you're most likely allured by the connotations of exploration. Similar to the western expansion of Bohemianism as it spread across Europe into the United States. It's the adventurous spirit that the early trailblazers of the Bohemian Movement pioneered that propels your ambition. The way you dress and decorate your home are your outlets for this self-expression. (The song "I Want to Break Free" by Queen should be playing in your head right about now.)


The word Bohemian entered the scene in the 1800s and was coined from the French word bohémien meaning gypsy. At the time, it was used to describe the unconventional lifestyle of artists, musicians, and writers in Europe. They sacrificed life's comforts for the sake of their art. The term Bohemian caught traction in France, with title bohemian characters appearing in artistic works such as the opera Carmen and the short story “Scènes de la Vie de Bohème.” Bohemianism continued to move west through London (think Vanity Fair), and on to New York, making its final resting place in California. In 1872, the Bohemian Club was founded in San Francisco and is comprised of journalists, artists, and musicians to this day.  If this is your style and you are looking for a place to begin your decorating process, simply look inward and you'll find the answer. Your artistic soul knows where to go, and best of all, there are no rules along the journey. 


If you’re feeling particularly eager about the California Bohemian style, check out our collection to see if anything catches your eye!