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Globetrotter Style Guide

Globetrotters are dreamers, constantly drawn to the possibilities of the road and are proud of many experiences. Souvenirs, photos, and mementos fill the shelves of Globetrotters from various travels. Globetrotters are as easy-going as Bohemians, but also tend to be more eclectic. Keep reading to see what expeditions the Globetrotter style can take you on!


a. What Is Globetrotter?

b. How to Globetrotter Your Home

i. Start With Design Elements

1. What Colors to Use

2. What Textures to Use

3. What Patterns to Use

ii. Assessing The Room

1. Floors

2. Walls

3. Ceilings

4. Windows

iii. Furnishing The Room

1. Furniture

2. Decorations

3. Lighting

4. Plants

c. Get a Globetrotter Rug for Your Room

What is Globetrotter?

The Globetrotter Style is rebellious, free-spirited, and bold in its refusal to stick to the status quo. Like Boho, it is very versatile, but uses the beautiful vase brought home from Greece. Bright colors and provocative patterns help transform the home into a scrapbook of life’s experiences. Using the Globetrotter style at home reflects the soul of a person who grabs life by the horns and isn’t afraid to be themselves. 

How to Globetrotter Your Home

One woman sits in a chair on a hardwood deck while a second woman sits in the hot tub built into the deck. A rug in the shape of an eye in the foreground.


Start with Design Elements

The best part about the Globetrotter style is how flexible it is. Life inspires this style and rooms are filled with the various colors and sights of one’s expeditions. It is a style for the adventurous, so there isn’t really a wrong way to accomplish the style. 

If you’re staring at your wide array of knick knacks from across the globe, unsure of how to begin, keep reading for some tips and tricks to get started! 

What colors to use

There are many avenues to take with Globetrotter. Start Bohemian with some earthy tones – soft green, tan, cream, and gray – then splash bold colors like the deep red of a bull figurine from Spain.

To be more daring, paint an accent wall a brilliant pink and add vivid blue, green, and yellow accents to give the room a look reminiscent of a market in India. Go for a dusty orange wall with brown and teal accents for a hacienda-style like that of Spain or Mexico. Either way, consider the colors and origins of the souvenirs to display and find the colors that would best show them off.

What textures to use

Globetrotter brings in the various textures that are found all around the world, inviting people into the space through touch and feel. For a feeling of harmony and peace think flow-y: smooth porcelain tea sets, satin-y tablecloths, and the cool comfort of tumbled stones. Maybe the gentle burble of water travels over a marble water fountain. To go in the opposite, more rugged direction, use wicker baskets or chairs, woolen blankets, and add log slices for a more forest-y feel. 

Textures are the home’s invitation to touch and feel, so adding rocks picked up from the Grand Canyon or a sugar skull from Mexico gives guests a physical idea of your experiences. Throw pillows are a great way for guests to interact with a space, especially if they’re beaded and satin or quilted and soft. Decide what the overall vibe is and then add what you want people to physically feel.  

What patterns to use

Patterns for a Globetrotter style add a ton of fun to the space being created. Wallpapers, rugs, tapestries, and throw pillows are all perfect places to put fun patterns. A room reminiscent of a meadow could have plenty of floral patterns. The rug could be simple and beige or gray, but the wallpaper could be a deep blue with stemmed flowers. For a Spanish styled home, cement tiles with floral patterns are a great way of spicing things up. If it leans more towards a Mexican or Western style, use some Aztec patterns on blankets or rugs and a couch fits into the theme automatically!

Patterns should be splashed into the space as opposed to overwhelming it. If there’s one pattern that dominates the space, then the rest of the room should bow to it. Match the other colors of the room to the colors within the patterned piece to avoid clashing. 

Zoom in on corner of a blue and white, geometric style throw rug with shag accents


Assessing the Room

Globetrotter goes with the flow of the home and uses keepsakes to connect it all together. No space is too small or too big for this style. Here’s how to take a space and turn it into a Globetrotter paradise. 


Globetrotter will take any floor as all part of the wonderful experience of life. Floors that feel old and worn only add to the character of the room as a whole. To change the floors, a bright tile can add a new vibrancy to a kitchen. Make it teal with that dusty orange floor or a white floor with teal accents will bring that hacienda-style to life. For a truly Japanese styled room, add Tatami mats. Just make sure people remove their shoes before entering! For a more rustic flow, try a dark wooden flooring to match some wooden masks. 

To keep old floors, Globetrotter says, “no problem, let’s decorate instead!” Old hardwood floors can be sanded, stained, and polished and will make the room feel more rustic. For cement floors, sponge paint them, or splatter paint them to add a touch of texture. There’s no need to shell out the big bucks for a new floor if it’s not in the budget; that’s where a decorative throw rug comes in quite handy.


This is where the mementos come in. Hang up some hand painted plates from Ireland in the kitchen or add a shelf to show off plates that denote the places they came from. Those shelves could also hold the Starbucks Been There Series mugs from across the globe. Put photos in a motley of frames, earthy tones to tie the room together or bold colors to attract the eye. Paint the photo wall a dark blue or a deep red to really make it a centerpiece of the space. 

Try a flowery tile backsplash for your kitchen with some bright colors splashed in. In the living room, a floral wallpaper in deep blues or greens would give your home a forest-y or garden vibe. With a lot of wall space, adding a floral tapestry can pull together a Moroccan theme. Go big and stucco the wall for additional texture and a unique design and then paint it a calming green or light blue. 


There’s so many unique and beautiful things that you can hang from the ceiling in the Globetrotter Style. Try hanging a few Moroccan mosaic lamps and admire the deep yellows, blues, and greens that they shine on the walls. Paper lanterns have delicate shapes and can hang from the ceiling in a string to make the home feel like a festival all year round. It’s also important to paint ceilings! It can be the same color as the walls, or white ceilings normally help brighten a room. 

Adding a popcorn ceiling can actually give the room new texture and control the sound vibrations of the room. If there’s one in the room already, be sure to paint it. If the popcorn ceiling was put there in the 70’s, it’s probably in desperate need of a touch up. Painting it white and hanging a chandelier from it can distract from the ceiling, but lighting will help draw the eye up to it. 


A well-lit room is a great way to show off your Globetrotter style with big open windows and no curtains. Embrace the bay windows of the home by putting potted plants in front of it that hang, or putting them on the shelf that’s created by it. Bay windows can also make for great seating arrangements with the right pillow combination. For even more light, picture windows bring in the most light and are great if there’s an outdoor space to admire while resting inside. For a meditative space, changing the clear glass to a stained glass window changes the space into one of magic. Window clings that mimic stained glass are a cheaper option with a similar effect as the colors catch the light and play across the room. 

For curtains, consider lace for additional textures and a flowy feel to the room while also still letting in natural light. The patterns of the lace vary from floral to geometric and can be thicker or thinner depending on what works best for the space. For curtains that block out light, get bright reds for the hacienda style or get patterns that look like a woman’s Sari for the Indian or Pakistani style. Curtains also add more textures to the room - velvets are great for an elegant bedroom with the addition of feeling great. 

Furnishing the Room

Globetrotter furnishings are fun, eclectic, and really help show off a unique and adventurous side! This is also another opportunity to incorporate the memorabilia you’ve collected into your space. 


Depending on the type of style being used in the space will determine the kinds of furniture to use. For a Moroccan or Indian style room, consider a brightly colored couch and side tables that sport gold accents and glass tops. For a woods-y feeling, get a dining room table made out of a tree trunk. The ripples in the wood, plus the roughness of the bark on the outside will make the space feel grounded and earth-y. 

For a more well-traveled look, try popping over to an antique store or to a thrift store to find some well-loved items. Already have furniture that doesn’t quite fit the vibe? Find some couch covers and table cloths. Couch covers vary in texture: smooth and soft velvets, plush quilts, or a simple stretchy cotton. These covers can also add in a variety of patterns from floral designs to geometric patterns. These will all make the space look worldly and without having to shell out money for new furniture. 




We’ve already talked about plants on the ceiling and knick-knacks on the walls, but these can be added to the open spaces around the room as well. Add a mug tree in the kitchen to show off the armfuls of mugs that were purchased on recent trips. Adding the stone textures of handcrafted vases filled with fresh flowers will draw the eye and the hand. Additional textures could be anything from the comfort of stuffed animals to wooden flowers. 

A couple of photo albums on the coffee table would be a nice personal touch for guests to peruse. Photo Albums encourages interaction with favorite adventures. Most importantly,have fun! Show off what makes you happy – it’ll make guests happy too. 


Start with how much natural lighting the room gets and play with the lighting based on that. A front room may get more light than others, so accent lighting and some lamps might be the way to go. Wall sconces are great for emphasizing certain parts of the room while deemphasizing the ceiling. If there’s a popcorn ceiling in the home, wall sconces are a great way of guiding the eye away from the ceiling.

Always, always use warm light bulbs in the Globetrotter style. Bright whites will wash out the warm feeling you’re trying to bring to your home. Maybe even try a yellow bulb for a room for some light, but nothing too intrusive. Stained glass lamps or candlesticks will give the space a more intimate feel while lamps with unique lamp shades and eccentric ceiling fixtures can bring a liveliness to the space. Overall, the lighting should call attention to the beauty of the room and maintain a feeling of serenity. 


We’ve talked about plants a couple of times in the Globetrotter style guide, because plants give the space an outdoors-y vibe. As a well-traveled person, the globetrotter has seen all sorts of plants, but not all of those plants will do well indoors. Peace Lilies are low maintenance and do well in low light; they just need some room to grow. For small spaces, African Violets are a beautiful deep purple and Snake Plants don’t require much watering. 

Where the windows are will largely guide where plants that love light will be. Consider getting a console table for putting plants in front of the window. Better yet, get a plant shelving unit to lean up against a tall rectangular window to make plants the most happy! Regardless of what plants you choose, be sure to look up a care guide for them so you can keep them healthy for as long as possible.

Get a Globetrotter Rug for Your Home

You’ve made it all the way through the guide. You have your colors, décor, and memorabilia you want to display all ready to go. The Rug Truck has curated a list of rugs that will bring the style all together. From Aztec-style throw rugs to floral patterns, the list provides plenty of options. Now, I want you to go check out the Globetrotter rugs to pull it all together. Dream on, Globetrotters! 

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