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Urban Contemporary Style Guide

You probably have decided to let go of the bright and elegant decor and make your living space uncluttered with simple elements and bright lighting. Urban Contemporary keeps a look that you would find in a city home or just a home that allows you to declutter your life. Let's dive in and discuss ways to bring Urban Contemporary into your home!


a. What Is Urban Contemporary?

b. How to Urban Contemporary Your Home

i. Start With Design Elements

1. What Colors to Use

2. What Textures to Use

3. What Patterns to Use

ii. Assessing The Room

1. Floors

2. Walls

3. Ceilings

4. Windows

iii. Furnishing The Room

1. Furniture

2. Decorations

3. Lighting

c. Get a Urban Contemporary Rug for Your Room

What Is Urban Contemporary?

Urban Contemporary is easy, yet unique because of its bold and intricate geometric patterns and colors. It gives you that city life dream home while keeping it undemanding and modern. This style evokes simplistic lifestyles with a splash of color and life within accent pieces and greenery. It’s a style that you would think you were in a museum with how much glass and steel structure there is, but everything is so clean and crisp to keep it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There’s no clutter, so there’s no feeling of overwhelming elements happening when it comes to patterns and style.

This style is typically something you would see in city apartments, suburban areas, and even in the outskirts of the city in New York, Chicago, and Boston areas. Why those areas you ask? In an atmosphere where there’s nothing but chaos from the busy streets to the stock exchanges, Urban Contemporary can bring order and control into someone's life.

Anyone who would style their home this way likes simplistic vibes as well as a city lifestyle feel. Keeping it all glass, or having exposed brick keeps the living space looking dramatic and bold. Having dark utility and everything carefully placed, it adds a little order into the living space. Slick and clean matte or shiny finishes to accent the beautiful sunlight going in, while having a pop of drama from an area rug to bring everything together.

How To Urban Contemporary Your Home

When you think of Urban Contemporary, you think of geometric shapes, lots of black and white, and having little or just a few pieces of color to accent the space. Exposed brick can give that space an extra flair of color if you’re looking for an accent design in your home.

Imagine this … A living room with beautiful matte white walls, a gorgeous geometric light right in the middle of the room that adds drama with it’s interesting shape, grey scale furniture all around, an exposed brick fireplace that gives the room some movement, and a ton of windows and steel around the room. Adding a pop of color with a patterned rug or even a plain colored rug adds that extra pop of color that completes the room. It’s the perfect living space for such a simple style.


Start With Design Elements

What Colors to Use

With Urban Contemporary, you want to keep your living space feeling dramatic while allowing an added pop of color. Having black and white in the room allows the space to feel clean and open, but also having black steel for railings or even steel lamps helps bring this style to life.

Adding in a pop of color, whether it be in the blue, red, or yellow will allow the vibrant aspect to be an accent piece. When adding in color, you have to add in patterns or bold tone with it to complete the look. With paintings or area rugs, it will give you that flow that is perfect for your style of home you’re looking to have. Have a room that’s already painted a specific color? You just need to incorporate the scheme with a dark bold grey color pallet.

Adding greenery will also give the space more room for an earthy vibe with having all the glass and windows around. Giving the space that earthy tone, the greenery would thrive in an undemanding room and making it easy to bring in some accent colors.

What Textures to Use

Texture is easy with this kind of style. Matte and glossy finishes are always the route to complimenting this style to allow the sunlight to reflect off of it. Keeping everything smooth is always the way to go. It keeps everything looking slick. Smooth flooring, walls, and even furniture with some hard/smooth pieces will complete the home. Nothing bumpy or dull will allow this style to come to life.

The only thing that should give you that bumpy texture is if there is exposed brick in the living space. Exposed brick will give the space that lighter texture, but won’t be so overbearing when it comes to designing the home. Keep the style of matte or glossy to complete the look.

What Patterns to Use

Geometric … That’s all that needs to be said for this style. It keeps the Urban Contemporary style in its element and brings the accent right into the home. Shapes and patterns bring out the bold and beautiful color into the room to liven up the open space! Bring in an accent rug and paintings that has shapes like chevron, herringbone, and/or houndstooth to really bring out the room and make it the center of attention. Having lamps, chandeliers, or even rugs that add that extra pattern to compliment the room will really complete the ambiance.

Assessing The Room

Don’t demolish and redo your whole home, but can always accentuate the space you currently have and make it work with the design you’re looking for. Let's talk about what the room expectations are vs what can be done.


Keeping it under the style would mean having smooth concrete floors that are sleek and simple. If you don’t have those kinds of floors? No worries! You can always use your hardwood or linoleum floors and adjust. You can design your space based off of the flooring and adding in your geometric shapes, grey scale, and adding your pop of color and still have amazing results. Stay towards deep contrasts. Nothing in between the scale.

Have linoleum floors? try to keep it to where it has a pattern and adjust to it. That way you are working around what you already own and just adding on!


This part is easy. Keep it simple. Using white paint and that’s it! Don’t add any color onto the walls as your accent rug will do all the work for you. Whether you want a glossy finish or a matte finish, white is usually the way to go with this. No wallpaper. Just clean and blank walls.



Keeping a white and clean ceiling will help you have a wide range of options, especially when it comes time for lighting. You can either have a glossy finish or a matte finish for your ceiling, but don’t add anything that’ll give it texture.


Windows are KEY. If you have the capability to have as many windows as you can, do it! Adding in that sunlight into your home will open your space up so much and allow the style to shine bright. If it’s not possible, keep away from shades and expand that sunlight in. Adding curtains would look great, but not necessary.

Wanting some blinds? If you have access to getting white or black Roman Shades or even faux wood blinds, that would be ideal. Keep it in the grey color family so everything blends in naturally.


Furnishing The Room

Furnishing the room can be easy, but can get complicated at the same time, so let's help you with some options.


Basic and simple furniture with no color will help with your vision. For example, let's talk about the living room … Having a grey scale leather couch while having black or white smooth and sleek furniture will be perfect. Having a coffee table with geometric shape on the bottom would be an added bonus to bring the room together.

Bringing in utilities will help with the style as well. Having a coffee table with metal legs on the bottom or end tables that have a smooth top but black utility legs will really bring this style to its max capacity. Utility keeps everything looking clean while having a bold effect at the same time.


This is where you can play around with design a bit. Adding in geometric patterns and utilities to accentuate the home is ideal for this kind of style. Adding in an area rug with pattern or saturation of colors will add that pop of color you’re looking for, or you can keep it simple and work around the grey color family.

This goes along with furniture incorporating the style. Bring in some of those fun lamps that have the cool shapes made of metal with a white lamp shade, or even bring in the structural shaped sculptures you wanted to have in your home. Adding in chest sets, books stacked neatly on the side of the table, and interesting decor will go a long way.

Greenery will bring the room together. Having tall greenery for the floor and smaller greenery for the tables or even hanging will liven up the room and complete the look. Work around different things you like and give it your own little twist.


This is also where you can have fun with the space. Adding in simple lamps that are just black or white will add character to the design. You can even add geometric shaped lights hanging down or even lamps to add character to the shape. Metal pieces are ideal so it can work with everything in the room. Don’t add too many lights as during the day your main source of light should be the sunshine coming in through the windows.

Get A Urban Contemporary Rug For Your Room

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