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California Bohemian Style Guide

The most wonderful thing about the California Bohemian style is that it is so versatile, fitting the needs of every soul’s individual journey. There is no wrong or right way of doing boho. No two Bohemian-style rooms are ever going to look the same, and that’s what makes your room so homey and personalized. Just the same as you, your room will have no set direction, but will instead portray all the beautiful places your soul is driving you to go!

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a. What Is California Bohemian?

b. How to California Bohemian Your Home

i. Start With Design Elements

1. What Colors to Use

2. What Textures and Patterns to Use

ii. Assessing The Room

1. Floors

2. Walls

3. Ceilings

4. Windows

iii. Furnishing The Room

1. Furniture

2. Decorations

3. Lighting

4. Plants

c. Get a California Bohemian Rug for Your Room

What Is California Bohemian?

California Bohemian by The Rug Truck assembles styles that are unique and off the beaten path. If you are the type of person who marches to their own drum, you may want that to reflect in your living space as well. The bohos are free spirits with wandering souls, so it is of the utmost importance that they do not feel tied down to wherever they are living. With this Style Guide, you can pave your own trail off the beaten path and create your own unique vision of boho-chic.

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How To California Bohemian Your Home

Start With Design Elements

There is a large array of design elements that can be used in California Bohemian. This is the style of the free thinkers, philosophers, musicians, writers, and poets. You may be inspired by many things you find along your travels. The beauty of California Bohemian is, is that you can incorporate all these things!

However, if you don't know where to start. Here are some helpful tips that can guide you in making a room that compliments your good vibes perfectly.

What Colors to Use

One of the questions you make be asking yourself is where to start with colors when it comes to styling your California Bohemian home. There is a large range of color accents that pair well with this style. Earthy tones do very well in entering the eccentric boho style. They provide stability in an energy that is so whimsical and airy. Shades of brown, grey, and mustard yellow do a fantastic job at stabilizing the room before you add all the other quirky elements to it. When it comes to accenting the room, you can electrify with cool and vibrant colors which capture the eye. Shades of red, blue, and purple do an excellent job at boosting the vibrancy and taking the mind and soul on a journey.

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What Textures and Patterns to Use

As there are really no rules when it comes to California Bohemian, there are many different textures and patterns that pair well with the overall style. Tapestries are very popular in this style and are often hung on walls as decoration. Dyed textiles can also be used as decoration, particularly ones that are vintage or have unique styles that come from other countries. The boho style allows the freedom of gleaning many different types of colors, styles, and themes into your very own masterpiece!

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Assessing The Room

California Bohemian is one of the most flexible styles out there. So, wherever the destination is that you have chosen to call your home, you have not worry about whether it will be compatible with this eccentric style. Just like the free spirit of the beholder, this style can find it's home anywhere! Here are some helpful tips in turning any home into California Boho.


With the California Bohemian style, you don’t need to have the latest modern styles. California Bohemian embraces the vintage and worn style as it adds to the personality of the room. This is one of the benefits of the boho style as you don’t need to put your money out on the new hardwood floors. You can instead put that money toward your adventures or more beautiful decorations for your living space!

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As I mentioned previously, tapestries are very popular in boho-styled rooms. However, there are many other wall hangings that pair well with the California Bohemian style. Macramé wall hangings, dreamcatchers, mosaics, and old artwork are also some unique elements that can bolster the personality of your room. When it comes to painting, warm earthy tones pair well with the California Bohemian style. You can also use floral wallpaper, as it pairs well with the nature themes of the California Bohemian style.

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The natural world is very important to incorporate into the California Bohemian style. Including some hanging plants is a nice way of embracing the natural world and improving the air quality of your room!


You can get creative as possible with the windows in California Boho! Some of you may prefer a setting that invites in more sunlight, and leaves your creation open to the world! Stain glass windows are also another option for those who prefer a dim setting. The antique style of the stained glass pairs very well with the eccentric and whimsical style. You may also add some favorite knick-knacks and trinkets on your windowsill to give more personality.


These gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside, in!

Furnishing The Room

Furnishing a California Bohemian room is the most fun decorating experience you will ever have! You can incorporate many knick-knacks and heirlooms from your travels, and even place some plants around so you're never far from nature! Give your room that same autonomy you give yourself, and let its personality shine through.


There is a myriad of directions you can go when it comes to furnishing your home with the California Bohemian style. The beauty of this style is the many directions which you can go with it. Though there is no right way to do boho, I will highlight some of the more popular ways in which you can make use of the California Bohemian style. One of the best ways to start furnishing your boho home is to visit your local thrift store and browse some of the vintage furniture that they have. California Bohemian is all about personality, and nothing has more of a story to tell than an old piece of furniture.

Vintage Bamboo Settee paired with our very own Handira HA-06 in Charcoal


Including potted plants in your home is a great way of embracing the natural world in your California Bohemian home! Not only do these plants give off natural tones, but they also give out fresh oxygen which will clean the air. Also, displaying some family heirlooms and trinkets you’ve collected can give more personality to your room.


It’s important not to introduce any harsh lights into your home when you’re going for the California Bohemian style. Lighting fixtures that pair well with this style are beaded chandeliers, candles, lanterns, and Turkish lamps. Any light which is not too harsh as to take away from the unique aspects of the rest of the room is perfect for this style!

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The appreciation for nature is common among the boho community. One way of incorporating nature into your living space is to include potted plants, hanging plants, and flora into your living space. As I mentioned before, the inclusion of plants into any living space does not only bolster the style of the room, but it also improves airflow. That being said, you don’t want to just introduce any plant into your so personalized living space, it has to fit the personality of the rest of the room. When it comes to California Bohemian, you may want to consider plants such as the snake plant, spider plant, aloe vera, and bamboo. These all very unique plants complement the style of the home well, all being very unique and growing in their own way. As for flowers, orchids are relatively easy to take care of and come in many different colors. You can find the color(s) that match best with your room, and invite these beautiful plants for a permanent stay!

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Get A California Bohemian Rug For Your Room

Now that I’ve gone over the multiple ways you can style a California Bohemian room, I want to guide you in picking the ultimate centerpiece of any room: the rug! At The Rug Truck, we have multiple collections that pair well with the California Bohemian style. Follow the link below to view all the stunning rugs that will be sure to bring your California Bohemian home to the next level of style!

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