by Sean Wolff April 21, 2021 3 min read

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Loloi Area Rug

The Designer of Loloi Area Rugs, Amir Loloi, has quite the eye for creating the most exquisite area rugs! This is because Loloi has traveled around the world, studying textiles in places like Varanasi, India, and using this experience to create the stunning collections you will see here today. Loloi’s Area Rugs are all uniquely designed, and the inspiration he received from his world travels and exposure to different perspectives and cultures are palpable in this work. When you buy a Loloi Area Rug, it’s almost like you’re inviting the vestige of a precious, old world into your home. By doing so, you also allow for the care and consideration that Loloi puts into every one of his rugs, which will no doubt exude comfort from your living space.

Professional area rug weaver in weaving facility, Varanasi, India 


1. About the Designer - Amir Loloi and his Vision

2. How Loloi Crafts His Area Rugs



3. The Manufacturing Process

4. Our Favorite Loloi Collections

The Pandora Collection

The Anastasia Collection

About the Designer - Amir Loloi and his Vision

Amir Loloi’s passion for textiles has brought him across the globe in search of experienced designers in places such as India in order to craft area rugs. In many ways, Loloi has breathed new life into old age textiles in the creation of his area rugs. All of his rugs are made in places such as India, Turkey, and other countries in the Middle East. Loloi takes the time to sit with the craftsmen who inspire his area rugs and collaborate with them. He takes time learning about their culture and where these designs come from, then works with them to create these meticulously influenced rugs.

Authentic wooden area rug loom with weaver Varanasi, India

How Loloi Crafts His Area Rugs

Depending on the collection, Loloi Area Rugs uses wool, polypropylene or the perfect blend of other synthetic materials. Amir Loloi is no stranger to knowing what is needed to make a durable and stylish rug.


You may question why Polypropylene is used in the creation of these area rugs. Polypropylene is actually a very eco-friendly material that can be recycled. So not only are these rugs completely stunning, but they are good for the environment too! Polypropylene is also water-resistant, which makes cleaning messes on these rugs much easier, and won’t cause damage to your floors.

Polypropylene/Polyester Blended Giada GIA-01 Grey


The rugs which use Polyester are also very easy to wash. Polyester rugs will dry quickly and are extremely durable. The collections which use a combination of Polypropylene and Polyester make for rugs that will have staying power in your home and continue to look beautiful for years to come.

Polypropylene/Polyester Blended Giada GIA-06 Lagoon

The Manufacturing Process

Amir Loloi used his time in India and other Middle Eastern countries to get to know rug weavers in the area, who he personally commissions to make his rugs. Customers can be sure that the ultimate care goes into making these rugs. Loloi doesn’t only supply his customers with durable and one of a kind products, he also ensures the welfare of his employees and helps the communities where he gains the inspiration for these gorgeous rugs.

Two weavers work side-by-side on the same rug

Our Favorite Loloi Collections

Loloi Area Rugs has multiple stunning selections for you to choose from, here are just two which I will highlight today.

The Pandora Collection

The Pandora Collection offers exquisite classical designs that pair well with most modern home styles. Made in Turkey, this collection makes use of different shades of blue that seem to bounce off the floor. These colors promote tranquility in your home, while also adding a splash of beautiful color.


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The Anastasia Collection

The Anastasia Collection by Loloi Area Rugs is the product of Amir Loloi’s travels around the world in seek of making the very best area rugs. This beautiful collection of rugs were made in Egypt. All the rugs have intricate and ornate styles and distressed in a manner that makes them look they were hand-made with care and attention.

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