by The Rug Truck October 24, 2019 4 min read

Author: Carly Daniele

You may have found yourself in the all too common situation of having to get out of your warm, cozy bed at a time far too early for your liking. Begrudgingly, you slide your legs off your sanctuary, only to find your floor under your feet feels like a cold, hard sheet of ice.

If you’ve experienced this, you may be wondering how to solve this problem. This guide will tell you why an area rug is the perfect solution! Not only will an area rug save your chilly toes, but it adds a new dimension to your interior design! But, you may be wondering, what size rug should I get? Read on to explore which size rug will fit your space best!

Table of Contents

1. Measuring and Placing

2. Illustration

3. King Sized Beds

4. Our Favorites

Measuring the Size of Your Space and Placing Your Area Rug

Measuring the Size of Your Space and Placing Your Area Rug

The first step to figuring out what area rug is best for your bedroom is to measure out the bedroom itself. This will help you determine the maximum size area rug your room will allow. Follow these steps to properly measure the size of your space and place an area rug:

  1. Measure the size of your entire room. Based on this size, you will be able to conclude which size rug will fit.
  2. Determine the mid-point of where you want your bed placed. Mark the mid-point with painter’s tape on the baseboard of your wall.
  3. The most ideal method for placing a rug in your bedroom is to completely move all of your bedroom furniture. out of the area completely. This will help you freely move and place your area rug where you please.
  4. The next step is to place your platinum or gold rug pad. It is best to place it length-wise parallel to the wall where your headboard will be. (In other words, the longer side of the pad should be parallel to the wall.)
  5. After placing your rug pad, fold it in half and line the mid-point of the pad up with the painter's tape mark you placed on the wall. Open the pad, and keeping the mid-point aligned with the tape, shift the pad 2 feet away from the wall to account for the standard nightstand width of 20". (Don’t worry about any creasing that comes from folding your rug pad from shipping, it will diminish once you place the rug on top).
  6. Finally, you should place your new area rug on top of your rug pad. Your area rug should be a couple of inches larger than your area rug pad and should begin between 1"-4" in front of your nightstand.

Here’s an Illustration of How Your New Rug Should Look Underneath Your King Bed!

Illustration of a white king-size bed with a red area rug placed underneath.

Side Note: You may notice that we highly recommend using a rug pad for area rugs underneath a bed. We so highly advocate for rug pads in this situation because of how heavy beds can be. A rug pad will act as a shock absorber for the wear that your bed’s weight will cause. Instead of this wear happening to your area rug, the rug pad will absorb the weight instead.

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A Room Fit for a King! - Literally

The size of your area rug can vary greatly depending on the size of your bedroom. If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious king-size bed in your room, the ideal size area rug is 9’x12’. This size area rug will leave 3’ of space on either side of your bed, leaving plenty of space to make sure your rug is noticeable and functional.

Can’t fit a 9’x12’ area rug in your room? Don’t worry, an 8’x10’ rug will still work for you! This size, however, is the absolute smallest we recommend for a king-size bed. Any smaller and the rug will become swallowed by your bed, making the area rug pointless.

Opposite to a room that’s too small, you may think your room is too big for a 9’x12’. This is also not a problem, you may choose to size up to a 10’x13’ or even an 11’x15’! All in all, the best thing to do is measure out your bedroom and figure out what size area rugs are a possibility.

Our Favorites

Now that you’re well-versed in which rug size will fit you best, here are some of our recommendations:

8'x10' Area Rugs

Acacia AC03 Navy

Adria AD16 Eggplant

Bahia BA08 Bright Orange

9'x12' Area Rugs

Alder AL07 Medium Gray

Calphurnia CA05 Tan

Kathy Ireland Home Malta Taupe

10'x13' Area Rugs

Safavieh Artisan 318 Beige/Brown

Safavieh Evoke 210 Royal/Ivory

Safavieh Evoke 224 Gold/Ivory

11'x15' Area Rugs

Safavieh Evoke 220 Grey/Gold

Safavieh Evoke 226 Ivory/Grey

Safavieh Evoke 232 Ivory/Blue