by The Rug Truck October 14, 2019 2 min read

Author: Carly Daniele

When shopping for an area rug you may be questioning what kind of maintenance it entails. Though all area rugs will need upkeep at some point in their lives, this maintenance is largely dependent on the type of area rug.

Read on to help you get a better idea of the maintenance that comes along with each area rug!

Table of Contents

1. Vacuuming - Suck Up That Grime

2. Rotating- Keeping it Fresh

4. Indoor/Outdoor Rugs - A Multipurpose Haven

5. Spot Cleaning and Treating- Turn that Frown Upside Down

Vacuuming - Suck Up That Grime

All in all, any area rug you purchase will need weekly vacuuming. It is recommended to vacuum only once a week as more frequently may wear down your rug.

The use of a beater bar on your area rug is dependent on the type of rug you have. Rugs with fringe on them such as our Bahia collection should never be vacuumed with a beater bar. The fringe can easily become caught within the beater bar and unravel the fringe.

If your vacuum does not have an adjustable setting, stick to a rug with a very low pile height. Area rugs that are virtually indestructible to vacuuming are screen printed or flat weave qualities.

A red screen-printed area is on a dark wood floor with one side slightly flipped forward.

Rotating - Keep it Fresh

Traffic patterns throughout your home begin to show on your area rugs over time. Our suggestion to evenly wear your area rug is to rotate it once a year. Rotating your rug will allow for each side to endure equal amounts of wear.

It is also important to rotate your rug if it’s exposed to prolonged amounts of sunlight. Like any home textile, high exposure to the sun can gradually fade your rug. If this contact is uneven throughout the rug, the side more often exposed will start to fade quicker than the rest. Rotating it will evenly distribute the sun exposure throughout the year.

Rug Pads - The Savior of Floors Everywhere

Rug pads are an amazing way to increase the lifespan of your area rug! The rug pad acts as a barrier between your rug and the floor. This barrier will make your rug pad endure most of the wear and tear from the friction between the rug and the floor.

A beige area rug is folded upwards to expose a rug pad underneath.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs - A Multipurpose Haven

If you’re looking for a seriously low maintenance area rug, indoor/outdoor rugs are a great fit for you! As these rugs are manufactured for UV stabilization and anti-microbial resistance, they are very durable and are sure to last many years outside your home, or even indoors! We love these rugs in bathrooms and kitchens because if you accidentally spill, they can be easily hosed down and left to dry!

Spot Cleaning and Treating - Turn that Frown Upside Down

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