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Author: Carly Daniele

One important thing to consider when buying an area rug is whether you favor comfort or aesthetic. With so many different materials and constructions of rugs, you may be wondering which is the most comfortable. Here is an easy guide to help you decide which type of rug fits you best!

Table of Contents

1. High Pile Height

2. Low Pile Height

3. Area Rugs on Carpeting

4. Our Favorite Collections

High Pile Height

When determining comfort in your area rug, it is crucial to make note of the pile height.

In terms of comfort, a higher pile height indicates a softer, more luxurious feel. A pile height is considered high when it is about 1 inch or higher. Area rugs with a high pile height are often referred to as a shag rug. If you spend a lot of time lounging on your area rug, or just prefer a softer feel on your feet, a higher pile height is the best option for you.

Something to consider:

Though a higher pile height does allow for more comfort underfoot, these rugs are also higher maintenance. Longer loops on a rug make it easier to trap impurities such as food crumbs, dust, and dirt. To keep your shag rug in its best condition, it is important to clean it as much as you can. For more information, check our guide to cleaning shag rugs.

Low Pile Height

Area rugs with a lower pile height (less than 1/2 inch) are more versatile with where they can be placed. For example, if you want to put a rug underneath a door, an area rug with a high pile height will most likely get in the way when someone tries to open the door. A rug with a low pile height will allow you to place it wherever you please, giving you more artistic freedom with your decorating!

Rugs with a lower pile height also tend to be lower maintenance. With regular vacuuming, these area rugs are very easy to maintain. For this reason, area rugs with a low pile height are great options for kitchens or bathrooms. As these areas are more prone to stains, rugs with a low pile height are a better fit because they generally clean easier. Here is our guide to treating common household stains. Simply put, if you’re not keen on area rug upkeep, consider investing in a rug with a low pile height.

Area Rugs on Carpeting

Area rugs placed on top of carpeting can help bring color and dimension to your space. Not to mention, they are also a great source of extra coziness! As most wall-to-wall carpeting is made with a short pile height, adding a shag rug on top can be perfect for adding texture and extra comfort to your floors!

One thing to keep in mind when layering an area rug on top of carpeting is the rug’s stability. Investing in a rug pad is a must when layering area rugs to ensure they don’t creep or crawl. Our Platinum Rug Pad is a perfect addition to situations like these!

Our Favorite Collections

Now that you have a better idea of the rug that best suits your needs, here are a few of our favorites to browse:

For a low pile height:





For a high pile height: