by The Rug Truck October 02, 2019 3 min read

Author: Lindsey Hunter Lopez

We’re big fans of designer Angie Johnson and her home decor brandNorwegian Wood. And her home renovation on Instagram is inspiring. So when The Rug Truck got a chance to shoot Angie’s cool Chatsworth house, we jumped on it! (And brought rugs, of course.)

Angie describes her decorating style as eclectic, humorous, quirky, and modern yet inviting. And all of that comes through in her handmade pieces as well as in her home. If you’re not following@norwegianwoodonline on Instagram, you should be! The account features behind-the-scenes Stories, fresh decorating ideas, and unique pieces from creative makers. That includes Angie’s own line.

area rug under king sized bed in modern bedroom. Wooden tongue and groove arched ceiling and big sliding glass doors leading out to a patio.
Photography by Faryl Amadeus

Norwegian Wood’sdecorativepillows, textile wall art, andcustom headboard cushions are designed and sewn by Angie, who started her career in the fashion industry. Norwegian Wood was initially a clothing brand, but evolved with a move to the U.S. from Canada. For a designer who’s always loved home decor, the transition was a natural one. Plus, “if you can sew elaborate clothing items, you can definitely sew homewares,” she says.

orange tribal close up shot with two hand stitched pillows in the upper right on the floor.

Photography by Faryl Amadeus

The perfect showcase for her wares is the jewel of@norwegianwoodonline; Angie’s evolving Chatsworth, California home. Angie and her husband bought the large, 1980sMediterranean Modernin 2017 and they’ve been transforming it ever since. “I have a lot of vintage furniture and collectibles, as well as a fairly large art collection so a clean, simple neutral space to let those pieces shine was my goal,” Angie says.It’s been an educational journey to peel back the 80s details and create a more modern home, and Angie’s handy electrician father comes in from time-to-time to help. “It's very empowering to rip something down and then be like ‘OK, now I'm going to fix this, even though I've never tried this before,’” she says of the process. “I also really enjoy coming up with totally custom solutions for problems rather than buying something from a store that sort of works.”

native american water color hangs on the wall above a mid century modern wooden credenza. On the floor is a muted tribal area rug.

Photography by Faryl Amadeus

Two standout projects include a classic tongue-and-groove redwood ceiling in the master bedroom, and an impressive concrete and brick modern fireplace. The wood ceiling required a lot of time and measuring, Angie says. (The project also needed construction adhesive, a nail gun, a mitre saw and a lot of patience.) “And also scaffolding because both my dad and I are about 5'5" tall and the ceiling goes up to 15ft.” Both features were definitely worth the effort.

stucco fireplace with brick mantel. hand carved Polynesian horse figure on the fireplace with two large neutral pillows on the floor. A black and white modern area rug is on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Photography by Faryl Amadeus

This clean, modern home is the perfect place to display show-stopping rugs. We all loved how The Rug Truck’s woolBahia area rug looked with Angie’s vintage white metal IKEA couch (which is seriously cool). Our hand-wovenCeleste rug plus the warmToscana complimented her custom wood bed frame, and theJavari rug was great in front of a vintage credenza and R.C. Gorman print.Nahla andToscana rugs were cozy layered in front of the bold fireplace. Especially with a few Norwegian Woodcushions tossed around for extra comfort.“From a style perspective I love how switching out a rug can instantly change the entire vibe of a room,” Angie says. “They're relatively easy to store when rolled up too (I stash them in closets, in our attic or under the bed frame in our spare room).”

ikat blue and ivory area rug on acid washed concrete floors. Large sliding doors against the back wall with a tan sofa and chair positioned around the rug.

Photography by Faryl Amadeus

Style aside, Angie loves rugs for their practicality and cleanliness factor. “When we bought our house it had old wall-to-wall carpeting in every room and when I pulled it up to prepare for the refinishing of our concrete I was absolutely disgusted by the amount of dirt and dust that was underneath...not to mention all the mystery moisture marks on the underside of the carpet.” No need to worry about mysterious floor inhabitants with a rug. You can pull it up and clean the floor properly, Angie notes. Which is important if you’re a floor sitter and always in bare feet! 

Look out for more inspiring Norwegian Wood home projects, and take a peek at the new rugs we used in Angie’s gorgeous home.

Photography by Faryl Amadeus

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