by Maranda Jo Shinn September 21, 2020 5 min read

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Liora Manné Area Rug

Imagine a world of endless possibilities! Dare to defy from the norms and unlock this incredible world of opportunity for your home? Sink your feet into what Liora Manné area rugs have to offer by continuing to read all about her unprecedented designs!

Table of Contents

1. Liora Manné- Her Own Legacy

A Manné Q&A!

2. The Materials

Natural Materials

Synthetic Materials

3. The Manufacturing Process

4. Our Favorite Liora Manné Collections

The Carmel Collection

The Riviera Collection

Liora Manné - Her Own Legacy

Liora Manné is a woman that prides herself on the fact that life is an uncharted journey. With her free spirit attitude, she decided to launch her own flagship company in 1990 and set out to change the area rug industry into a more expressive outlet for homeowners that wanted to display personal creativity within their living spaces.

We sat down with Liora to gain insight on her design process and thoughts as an incredible and popular interior designer within the industry. Keep reading to find our exclusive Q&A with her below!

Liora posing proudly in front of a few of her gorgeous designs

A Manné Q&A!

We scored a personal interview with Liora herself to learn more about her patented Lamontage design process, her inspirations, as well as what’s to come from her brilliant mind in the near future. Check it out:

Q: How did you begin designing rugs?

A: "I am a textile designer so I have always been interested in working with different textures and designs. I have a masters in textile design and my first job was in textiles...It was very fast paced, and at that time things were made overseas to make them cheaper.

I wanted to focus on using textiles at home and to create using the unique Lamontage design process; using these textiles I created in multifaceted ways, whether that'd be for clothing, a floor covering, wall covering, or other interior design motives. My interest was always developing new and quality textiles with endless use. Rugs worked very well with this."

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: My inspiration is everywhere; I get it from traveling, from being exposed to nature, different cultures, color, the weather, and more. I draw inspiration from everywhere by focusing on my surroundings- it's constant.

Q: What is your favorite collection and why?

A: "I love my front porch collections: They constantly evolve with the seasons and holidays and I love that as the seasons change, these rugs can too.

I can gain new inspirations and feel emotional responses from people as they enter a home and always hear about these rugs specifically so it's nice to see how people react in certain ways from these doormats. They're all so versatile."

Q:Are there any upcoming designs you're thinking about for your future collections?

A: "We are always working with new colors and patterns; however we're looking to start adding some more metallic colors into our Lamontage design process so stay on the look out for that coming soon."

 Liora Manne Riviera Seaturtles Blue Everywear Rug

The Materials

Manné is a visionary when it comes to her work. Her designs are for the insurgents within us all, craving to stray from the norm. This being said, she only uses two materials to craft her rugs so that she can focus on the intricate and beautiful designs she creates. Worried about staining your rug or wearing it down? No worries, with coir and polypropylene as the two main materials, there is little to no wear and tear, and you can be free to focus on the finer things in life.

Liora Manné indoor outdoor rugs are the perfect versatile addition to any home, and we invite you to discover every pop of personality that they can bring to your living space.

Liora Manné's Carmel Kilim Red Everywear Rug

Natural Materials

The rugs in Liora Manné’s Cabana doormat collection are made from coir. Coir is an eco-friendly fiber made from the outer shell of a coconut and is known for its great strength and durability, not to mention it’s great cleanability, which is a major crowd pleaser.

We recommend welcoming guests into your home with a Liora Manné doormat to express your laid back attitude and chill vibes.

Cabana Tire Swing Natural Coir Mat

Synthetic Materials

Most of the Liora Manné rugs are made of 100% polypropylene material. This allows for a durable and low maintenance rug, perfect for a long lifespan in the ever-changing home. With a polypropylene rug, the options are truly endless; you can place it in an indoor/outdoor space or multifunctional room due to its versatility.

These rugs are incredibly easy to clean, mold resistant, and simple to maintain all year long, while still achieving the exceptional vibrancy of Liora Manné design you want in your area rug.

Riviera Ornamental Leaf Blue Everywear Rug

How Liora Manné Crafts Her Rugs

Each Liora Manné rug begins with the Lamontage design process. Basically, what this allows for is the utilization of textiles to elevate each of Liora’s designs. She starts with an idea, then sparks it into something greater with her team of hand artisans, which then transforms these textile designs into your own work of machine made art for your home.

Liora Manné rugs are all made via a machine loom process. Don’t let this fact steer you away from her wonderful craftsmanship, however; all of her designs remain as intricate and beautiful as ever.

Power loom construction is used in the Liora Manné rug collection. Each machine can be individually adjusted to create different sizes, densities, colors, and pile heights. Machine made rugs are affordable and easy to make, yet still incredibly well made and sturdy. This allows you to keep it for ages, or change up your style every once in a while.

Our Favorite Liora Manné Collections

There truly are tons of gorgeous Liora Manné designs to choose from, so let us guide you to some of our favorites!

The Carmel Collection

Searching for a low profile, yet unique design to add to your living space? Don’t sacrifice style when you can have it all with this collection of contemporary designs.


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The Riviera Collection

This collection has something for everyone! From subtle floral motifs, to casual reminders to relax and be happy, these versatile rugs are perfect for any location in the home.


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