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Everything you need to know about Oriental Weavers

Think about the perfect rug, and how it can help you express yourself through your home: Does it transport you to a sunny beach far away, or does it remind you of the simple comforts of home? Perhaps it drips with the regality of a king or fills your home with fresh and exotic flavors. Maybe it simply provides a soft place to step. Whatever feeling you wish to express, Oriental Weavers delivers. Explore your inner creativity through stylish, comfortable, and affordable rugs by the world’s largest area rug manufacturer and become the royalty of your own home.


1. The History behind the Tradition

2. What makes Oriental Weavers so special?

Benefits: Both Beautiful and Tangible

3. The Manufacturing Process

Machine Woven Area Rugs

Hand Crafted Area Rugs

4. The Materials




5. Our Favorite Oriental Weavers Collections

The Juliet Collection

The Kaleidoscope Collection

The History behind the Tradition

Oriental Weavers was started in 1979 by Mohamed Farid Khamis in 10th of Ramadan, Egypt. Khamis, a native of Egypt, had worked with local rug companies as a young adult, and sought to bring the style, history, and tradition of Egyptian decoration beyond international borders. He succeeded, to say the least, as his company has since grown to be the world’s largest worldwide woven machine made rug company, helping people around the globe find their inner artist through a collection of diverse rugs that continues to grow every day.

To this day, Oriental Weavers is creating new raw material production plants daily in both Egypt and the U.S. in order to keep the innovation coming and Egypt's long textile tradition flowing. Mr. Khamis' goal of sharing the Egyptian tradition, while setting the trends of modern design lives on, making Oriental Weavers a one stop shop for beautiful rugs.

Oriental Weavers fulfillment facility in Dalton, GA

What makes Oriental Weavers so special?

Oriental Weavers is dedicated to providing every customer with a work of art at a realistic price. Oriental Weavers is a vertically integrated company, meaning that they handle every step of the rug making process which keeps costs low. Oriental Weavers passes the savings on to you, so your home can become your canvas of expression without breaking your budget.

In order to cover even more ground in stylish, modern design, Oriental Weavers has partnered with other esteemed brands such as Tommy Bahama and Pantone Universe. With the goal of coming together to create beautiful area rug collections, these assortments vastly range in style, color, and construction. Through these partnerships, and its ever growing production, Oriental Weavers offers evolving design trends that are always colorful, and always current.

In addition, due to the care put into each rug through its materials and manufacturing, their products are always easy to clean and maintain. Oriental Weavers takes the hassle out of rug care through the use of strong, durable fibers.

Tommy Bahama Home 4829E Boucle Grey


Benefits: Both Beautiful and Tangible

The perfect rug has the ability to change the entire feeling of your living room, tying all of the elements in ways you never thought possible. But cosmetics are far from the only benefits your dream rug offers. Oriental Weavers rugs provide sound absorption to keep your house peaceful and quiet; heat absorption to keep your feet toasty; and soft, smooth materials to for optimum comfort.

Is something missing from your living room? Perhaps your furniture is floating in an open space with nothing grounding it, or you're simply tired of the same sight every day and are looking for a long overdue change. A new rug can make all the difference in your home. That means that the same room you’ve lived in for years with the same old furniture could feel like a brand new house, with a simple area rug upgrade.

Nomad Collection 2163F Blue

The Manufacturing Process

Oriental Weavers has always been transparent in how it makes its rugs, as understanding the basics is essential to the integrity of the product. Continue reading to gain a basic idea of how they make their rugs, and in turn, how they save you money.

Machine Woven Area Rugs

By using what is called the face-to-face Wilton method for machine made rugs, production plants are able to weave two carpets together side by side, reducing both the cost and time of creating a single rug. Side weaving is another important method in creating Oriental Weavers' trademark rugs, which enables over 50 colors to be included in a single rug while creating a soft and durable surface much quicker than top-to-bottom weaving. Machine Woven rugs are a less expensive, and time efficient way to explore the traditions that Oriental Weavers was created to deliver.

Evandale 9854a beige/blue machine made area rug

Hand Crafted Area Rugs

Hand made rugs are usually made from the weaving, tufting, or hand hooked method. This usually entails threading a string of yarn into a primary backing, then needles are inserted through the backing to hold the yarn in place. A secondary backing is then added to ensure increased strength and durability into each rug. While hand making a rug is often a longer process than machine production, what better way to continue the tradition of creation than ensuring that each rug is a unique expression of love and care?

Hand crafted of 100% wool Infused 67007 Beige/Grey

The Materials

Oriental Weavers offers both machine made and hand crafted rugs, making a variety of products available to a large network of customers. Materials used in these rugs range from wool to polypropylene.


Polypropylene is a resilient, breathable, and easy to form material that is simple to clean and resistant to insects, pet hair, and other pests. It is the most common material in most machine made Oriental Weavers rugs due to its durability and wool-like feel. Polypropylene brilliantly retains the softness of hand made rugs at a lower price.

100% Polypropylene Juliette 1331v Beige/Gold


Along with Polypropylene, nylon is a common material in most machine made area rugs. It is stain resistant, durable, and low in moisture absorbency, providing a rich, full appearance, and a soft, comfortable place to step that will save you money, and time spent cleaning it.

Nylon/Polypropylene blend Evolution 7770J Beige/Charcoal


Wool is natural, comfortable, and more than capable of bringing the beauty back into your home. Its softness and delicate, plush nature will last for years to come, with the longevity of its colors just as prominent, creating the all around "go to" environmentally friendly material for many of Oriental Weavers' rugs.

100% Wool Infused Collection 67003 in grey

Our Favorite Oriental Weavers Collections

There are dozens of Oriental Weavers collections to choose from, but here are some of our personal favorites:

The Juliette Collection

This collection focuses on warm, tonal colors, presenting a beautiful autumn feel, with its bright reds, comforting oranges, and warm golds. This collection will provide your home with the soft nostalgia of the best fall days, combining regal tapestries, with familiar comforts. The Juliette Collection is sure to add warmth and comfort to your mood and your feet in even the toughest of times.

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The Kaleidoscope Collection

The Kaleidoscope Collection is one of Oriental Weavers' most colorful and varied collections. From gentle ivory's and blues, to vibrant reds and oranges, this collection uses a wide range of colors to create area rugs both loud and majestic, and quiet and comforting. The Kaleidoscope collection offers intricate designs that tell a story, while reminding us of the simple pleasures of something home made.

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