by The Rug Truck November 14, 2019 3 min read

Author: Lindsey Hunter Lopez


Nurseries are so much fun to style, and recently The Rug Truck got to haul some sweet rugs to Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles to set up in the home of director and actor Lara Everly. And we weren’t the only ones. Beloved baby brands Ergo, Bloomlife, and DockATot really made this shoot shine, as well as decor from Papercuterie, clothes from Winter Water Factory and Eagle Rock kids’ shop Kumquat.


mother holding her sleeping toddler in a rocking chair.

Photography by:Faryl Amadeus


Lara’s beautiful, light-filled home includes a bright, cozy nursery for her son Ever. It’s modern, but also kid-friendly, as evidenced by a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. “Sometimes we have dance parties and that is just pure joy,” says Lara. “That's left over from when it was my older son's room — his in-utero name was Disco.”


nursery with disco ball hanging from ceiling. a white crib is in the right of the shot with a stuffed giraffe in the corner. two area rugs are layered on the floor. There is a big window in the corner and a rocking chair on the left.

Photography by:Faryl Amadeus


Personal touches include a photo of Lara pregnant with her older son Leo in Death Valley, and the image invited more desert-themed items into the room. “The photo was taken by my husband days before I went into pre-term labor,” Lara explains. Her experience with preterm birth led Lara to shooting a video for Bloomlife, a company that makes contraction monitors. “It's a gift when your work and your life can be in harmony like that,” she says. “I was excited to create content for a brand that allows women to empower themselves with knowledge about their own bodies and pregnancy.”


bloomlife product box on top of a persian rug.

Photography by:Faryl Amadeus


Another brand close to Lara’s heart is Ergo, maker of the ever-popular baby carriers. The latest 360 model makes it easy to haul even a hefty toddler.Other baby favorites include the DockATot, which is now a nursery staple. It’s a cush “docking station” for babies up to 8 months old.

ergo carrier on the floor next to sandals and a leather floor pouf. A persian rug is in the background.


white dock a tot on floor on top of grey and white diamond patterned area rug.

 Photography by:Faryl Amadeus


A woven wall hanging caught our eye, and it turns out the Mimi & Lei piece is close to Lara’s heart. It was made by a mom, Ana Coon, who was featured in a documentary series Lara directed called "Milk Money.” “It represents two things to me: 1) working and collaborating with other moms and 2) appreciation for our babies being here,” Lara says. We kept the desert scenes going with a beautiful hand-cut paper piece by L.A. mom Shelley Friedman of Papercuterie.


stuffed lion and framed cacti print on top of a grey and white moroccan rug.

Photography by:Faryl Amadeus

Taking Lara’s boho modern decor into account, we brought our Acacia and Gabriella rugs into the space. “I love how fluffy the textural the gray diamond rug is,” Lara says of the Acacia area rug. “It creates a more three-dimensional effect and it's more of a statement while still being streamlined in its design.”

corner of a nursury with a big window. white modern crib, floor plant and a grey and white diamond patterned rug on the floor.
Photography by:Faryl Amadeus
Lara likes how rugs are basically art on the floor. “It can instantly change the energy in a room,” she says. But they’re more than just decor — rugs are also inviting. “Throw a rug down on a hard surface and it becomes an invitation to roll around with your kids and just lie there in a patch of sun petting your cat.”


Photography by:Faryl Amadeus


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