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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Palmetto Living Area Rug

Palmetto Living is the all-American answer to furnishing your home with high-quality area rugs at a reasonable price. How does the humble workshop in Anderson, South Carolina keep its costs down while delivering ultra-soft comfort for your feet? Discover the secrets behind Orian rugs and their flagship label, Palmetto Living.


Table of Contents

1. Palmetto Living - An All-American Rug Company

2. The Materials

Polypropylene - Orilon & Orilonluxe

3. The Manufacturing Process

From Start to Finish - The Orian Way

4. Our Favorite Palmetto Living Collections

The Adagio Collection

The Cloud 9 Collection

Palmetto Living – An All-American Rug Company

Does “vertically integrated” mean anything to you? It’s what companies like to call themselves when owning their supply chain. While today’s word of the day may not convince you to add twice as many Palmetto Living rugs to your shopping cart today, it does mean you save every time you buy Orian.


Because vertically integrated companies cut out the middleman that hikes up the cost of the finished product. From yarn production to shipping, Orian takes care of every step of the rug manufacturing process, eliminating the costs of transportation and imports that affect other rug brands.

Aerial view of Orian manufacturing plant in Anderson, South Carolina

Aerial view of Orian manufacturing plant in Anderson, South Carolina

Speaking of yarn, let’s talk about the threads weaved in every Palmetto Living rug.

The Materials

Orian crafts their rugs with a single material, polypropylene. That’s right. The warm welcome you feel every time you step on an Orian rug is thanks to a synthetic material created in their workshop with their proprietary recipe.

Polypropylene - Orilon™ & Orilonluxe™ Fibers

While polypropylene rugs don’t carry the tradition of natural fibers rugs, the manmade material has two amazing properties that make it worth considering.

Orilon and Orilonluxe fibers are colorfast.

I promise that’s the last word of the day. Something that is colorfast retains its color better. Orian’s solution dyeing process ensures that their dyes penetrate through the individual fibers, so you get a rug that stays vibrant after seasons of wear.

This also means staining, fading, and a whole slew of issues that trouble other rug materials doesn’t affect your new Orian.

Photo of solution dyeing process in Orian's manufacturing plant

Orilon and Orilonluxe fibers are durable.

Polypropylene is incredibly durable. Other rug materials require specific care and maintenance instructions to mitigate wear on the rug. With a polypropylene rug, you can vacuum one-handed with another hand on your phone not telling the world how ridiculous it is to clean your home.

Palmetto living rugs are a fantastic option for furnishing your home in luxury without the recurring maintenance cost that comes with other materials.

spools of polypropylene fibers used to make area rugs

Spools of Orilon and Orilonlux fibers on display

The Manufacturing Process

There are three main ways rugs are created: machine-made, hand-tufted, and hand-knotted. All Palmetto Living rugs are machine-made, which means its dependable quality every time.

From Start to Finish - The Orian Way

Creating a Palmetto Living area rug begins at the design table. Orian’s onsite team of globally recognized designers create on-trend patterns and colorways to keep your home looking fresh.

After a design is settled on, recycled resin extruded from Orian’s yarn plant to create some of the softest and most durable threads in the industry. Giant looms directed by a computer hosting Orian’s latest designs orchestrates the entire weaving process before moving on to the finishing station where Orian employees double and triple check each rug before sending it to the warehouse for safekeeping.

spools of yarn feeding into machine made rug loom

Thousands of spools of yarn feed into a giant loom

By managing every step in the process, Orian has better quality control, minimizing costs in manufacturing and transportation that other companies have to pass on to their retailers.

This means customers like you receive a higher quality rug at a price both seasoned and new home decorators can appreciate.

three machine made rugs displayed on a machine loom

Three machine-made rugs displayed on a machine loom

Our Favorite Palmetto Living Collections

While Palmetto Living features a dozen distinct collections, we wanted to cover two of our favorite today.

The Adagio Collection

The collection pairs a luxurious pile with impeccable craftsmanship to create a stylish set of must-have rugs. With a rich, dense texture and a dazzling array of delightful patterns, these modern selections graciously adapt to accommodate myriad styles and schemes.

Shop Entire Adagio Collection

The Cloud 9 Collection

Sink into the soft, supple construction of these sensuous rugs. Because the texture is of top importance, Orian uses simple patterns in modern neutral shades to not compete with the incredible, pillow-like cushion of these cozy and comforting area rugs.

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