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Guide for the Best Palmetto Living Rug Collections

You may have heard of Orian Rugs, but have you experienced the ultraluxe softness of their premier label, Palmetto Living? Today we’re covering three of our favorite collections from Palmetto Living, going over what we love about each collection, styling tips for each collection, and what to consider before you adding one of these amazing rugs to your shopping cart. Read on to discover some of the best Palmetto Living has to offer.

Table of Contents

1. The Adagio Collection

What We Love About Adagio Rugs

Adagio Collection Styling Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Adagio Rug

2. The Cloud 9 Collection

What We Love About Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Collection Styling Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud 9 Rug

3. The Mystical Collection

What We Love About Mystical Rugs

Mystical Collection Styling Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Mystical Rug

4. More Palmetto Living Collections to Spark the Imagination

The Adagio Collection

Let’s talk Adagio. This series of area rugs feature attention grabbing patterns that delight the eyes. Impeccable craftsmanship with Orian’s special Orilon™ guarantee reliable style and comfort.

 brown and white tribal patterned rug under a leather chair.

What We Love About Adagio Rugs

The modern design sense of this collection makes each rug a tapestry for your floor. A person could get lost in the slowly unfolding patterns of the Adagio rugs. We love the idea of having a rug that does more than keeping your furniture from scratching your floor.

An Adagio rug can help you create a space where you can take a moment and enjoy the white space of unscripted contemplation, recharge your creativity, and return refreshed for another round with reality.


We’re a big fan of Orian’s Orilon™. It’s a wonderful pairing of softness and durability in a single fiber of polypropylene. When it comes to synthetic materials, Orilon™ is easy to clean while resistant to staining and fading, so even a luxury look doesn’t come with expensive maintenance costs.


Adagio Collection Styling Tips

Every Adagio area rug is an intricate medley of colors and patterns. This means an Adagio rug makes a great focal point for your room or an equally pleasing complement.

Some of the rugs in the Adagio collection favor darker hues, which can make a room one of these rugs is placed in seem more pensive than intended. Consider the lighting, the furnishings surrounding the Adagio rug, flooring, and the wall colors if you’re looking to create a more balanced space. Otherwise, enjoy the mercurial energy the rug will evoke from your guests and explore the hidden turnings of the heart together.

Modern designs and color schemes mean these rugs aren’t for every area. Every Adagio rug is expressive and benefits from having other statement pieces to harmonize with in the room. Simpler and minimalistic themes may lose their aesthetic appeal if an eye-catching Adagio rug is taking center stage.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Adagio Rug

Overall, the Adagio collection is great for home decorators starting to furnish a room from the beginning. Getting an Adagio to fit into a pre-existing theme may be more difficult than it’s worth, and the time-conscious decorator should move on to the other Palmetto Living Collections.


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For a series of rugs that are simpler with an emphasis on tactile pleasure, check out Palmetto Living’s next collection.


The Cloud 9 Collection

Simple yet soft, the Cloud 9 collection eschews the dazzling patterns of Adagio for down to earth and accessible designs.

 a wooden modern table with two white chairs in the background. One long faux fur ivory colored bench in the foreground. There is a blag shag rug with white speckles under the table and a modern black and white picture on the wall.

What We Love About Cloud 9 Rugs

There’s a rug in the Cloud 9 collection for everyone. The clean designs in modern neutral shades make these rugs easy to fit into many styles and themes. Even someone trying their hand at home decorating for the first time will find this collection of pillowy-soft area rugs impossible to style wrong with.

The same Orilon™ fibers in the Adagio collection are weaved through every Cloud 9 with an exceptional pile height of one and a quarter inch tall. Your feet will literally sink into the plush pile of these ultrasoft rugs every time you touch down.



Cloud 9 Collection Styling Tips

Besides the Zahra, the other rugs in the collection make better complements in a room’s design than acting as a focal point. Cloud 9 rugs have reserved patterns by design, emphasizing the texture over anything else.

Even though the Cloud 9 rugs seem like featureless rugs, nothing could be further from the truth! A closer look at the simplest rugs in the collection, Ari, reveal dappled accenting throughout the rugs. This understated complexity helps add a finish of sophistication that true monotone rugs can never match.

Think of having one of these rugs in your room as an invitation. Your guests will be drawn to the welcoming space you defined with Cloud 9.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud 9 Rug

Part of Cloud 9’s incredible plushness is the 1.3 inch pile height which means dust, dander, and debris can get trapped between the tall fibers more easily, requiring more frequent vacuumings for our friends with allergies.

Additionally, the high pile can make door clearance inconvenient. Consider a different Palmetto Living collection with a lower pile height for doorways.

We recommend having your Cloud 9 rug be a shoes off kind of rug to get the most out of it. While all rugs can be used as sitting room, few rugs compare to the luxurious cushion of Cloud 9.

Opting for a larger Cloud 9 rug and spacing out your furniture so there’s more room for your guests to sit down and stretch out can add another dimension to a well composed room. Area rugs are all about creating spaces for experiences to happen. Cloud 9 does just that.

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The Mystical Collection

All the rugs in this collection have an elusive quality that ties these rugs together. Contemporary yet distinct, the soft colors and rolling patterns make these rugs a welcome addition to many styles and themes.

Open floor plan with grey modern sofa and large windows. A grey and blue diamond pattern rug is on the floor under the furniture setting. There are large wooden beams on the vaulted ceiling and the outdoor vista is snowy.  

What We Love About Mystical Rugs

This curated collection has designs that are excellent for many different rooms. Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, outdoor patios, you might just find every rug you need to style your home in the Mystical collection.

The Mystical collection features a great mix of lithic patterns, geometric collages, and flowing prints. Having the collection’s variety in one place is a godsend for anyone looking to explore more nuanced designs in their home too.


Think of Mystical as an introduction into the world of room styling. The soft, elemental patterns featured in these pieces are a gentle step towards composing the perfect space for life to happen.


Mystical Collection Styling Tips

One of these rugs might just be the perfect fit for your new outdoor lounge area. Few materials can stand up to sunlight and moisture like polypropylene. Orian’s signature Orilon™ polypropylene fibers are dyed in such a way that the color penetrates through the fiber, so you can enjoy vivid color in your own backyard for seasons.

The designs from the Mystical collection can spark the imagination. Contrasting with the material of the floor or countertops can make for interesting play between the two mediums.


Things to Consider Before Choosing a Mystical Rug

Pay attention to your floors! Many of the designs in the Mystical collection are similar to natural stone. While like on like can tie a room together, too much similarity can make a room feel flat.

On the other hand, having a rug that misses the mark even by a smidge is enough to throw an entire room off-kilter. Matching your rug with other features in the room can be exacting when there are too many details to manage, making that near miss so much more frustrating for the ambitious home decorator.

Pulling everything together and trusting your process takes time and energy. The moment discovering your style stops being enjoyable take a break. Life has enough worries in a day. Don’t let rug shopping be one of them.

There are hundreds of different rugs to choose from, and many more from Palmetto Living.

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More Palmetto Living Collections to Spark the Imagination

If you like Cloud 9 but want a different textured area rug, check out Palmetto Living’s Cotton Tail collection. Cotton Tail area rugs feature some of the highest piles, standing as tall as one and a half inches of luxury between your toes.

 a beige and white rug under a bench with two plants and a pair of black shoes on top.


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Not feeling the neutral tones and looking for something with earthen hues? Check out Palmetto Living’s Next Generation. This collection marries a vast array of colors, patterns, and styles.

 A green and grey plush rug under a modern white sofa on a wood floor. A weathered brick wall in the background.


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