by The Rug Truck September 01, 2019 3 min read

Author: Lindsey Hunter Lopez

Recently The Rug Truck headed toSheltered Co.’s dreamy weighted blanket factory in downtown Los Angeles.

“If you’re unfamiliar with weighted blankets, they can help ease anxiety, restless legs, sensory difficulties, insomnia, and a variety of other issues”, says Sheltered Co. founder and creative director Pamela Hunter. “They also work wonders on anyone who’s had a long day and could use a giant hug to help them relax and decompress,” she says. (Plus they add texture and warmth to living rooms and bedrooms -- what’s not to love?) Pamela started weaving her sturdy jersey blankets to soothe her young daughter, and a company was born.

woman sitting in a chair with a white fur rug draped over the back. A white macrame wall hanging is behind her on a painted brown brick wall. A moroccan style black and white rug is at her feet. A rubber plant is potted to the left of the chair.

(Photography by Cameron Jordan)

In fact, Pamela’s popular blankets started with a rug! “I was attempting to make a rag rug that turned out to be quite horrible as a rug, but pretty magical as a weighted blanket,” Pamela explains. “Since my daughter was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder I tested it out on her and immediately we saw her body relax.” Sheltered Co.’s blankets are not only soothing, but they’re also beautiful and ethically made. Handmade in Los Angeles from deadstock and recycled fabrics, the weighted blankets come in gorgeous hues like Smokey Jade, Peacock, and Strawberry. Because Sheltered Co.’s weighted blankets are handmade, eco-friendly, and don’t use any plastic filler, they’ve found quite a fan base.

A rattan day bed sits under a large industrial window. It has two blankets draped on either side. There are orange and blue pillows agains the back. In the foreground is a black and white moroccan style rug. There are two large fig trees on either side of the bed.

(Photography by Cameron Jordan)

After studying Pamela’s style, we packed our hand-tufted Calphurnia rug and our shag/flatweave combo Handira rug to compliment the natural textures and boho vibe of Sheltered Co’s studio warehouse. In this warehouse, employees craft the blankets by hand. Pamela loves neutral tones, so these wool beauties were a hit. It’s easy to add pops of color to a room featuring these black and cream hues. “The rugs y’all brought are so dreamy! They are great staple rugs that could have fit in so many different spaces.” 

a wooden mid century modern table with blue upholstered chairs are in the foreground atop a black and white moroccan style rug. There are tassels made of cotton draped in the entryway of a partitioned room. Large rattan pendant lights hang from the ceiling.

(Photography by Cameron Jordan)

Pamela wanted her warehouse space (which recently hosted a backpack drive benefiting Families Belong Together, Immigrant Families Together, and The Tiyya Foundation) to feel calm, fresh, unique, inviting, and creatively inspiring. We consider her mission a success. Love her style? Pamela’s biggest decorating tip is to choose a few really unique vintage pieces and then create the space around those things. “In this case, I found an antique woodworking table from the 1800s and built on that,” she says. “Since we practice sustainability with our deadstock fabric, I wanted the majority of furniture in our space to be second-hand.”

a woman in a pink romper leans against a rattan chair. There is a potted rubber plant to her right, and a mustard colored blanket behind her on the floor. She is wearing a pink jumpsuit and leather sandals. There is a black and white rug with diamonds underneath her.

(Photography by Cameron Jordan)

A plethora of plants (tended by botanical designer Valerie Jurado) keeps the warehouse from feeling stale. “Plants are non-negotiable for my spaces because they give life and keep things feeling fresh.”

“Rugs add warmth to a room and you can’t really achieve it without them”, says Pamela. “To quote The Big Lebowski, a good rug really ties the room together.” Pamela loves changing rugs out for a fresh look, which is great because she tends to host a lot of events at the blanket factory.

Look out for upcoming weighted blanket colors mustard and clay … and for a giveaway from The Rug Truck and Sheltered Co.!

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