The American Southwest

a white shag rug with multi color diamond pattern on the floor. A rattan chair and indonesian coffee table are the two main furniture pieces. The walls are stone and there is a fireplace in the corner. There are many cacti and succulent plants decorating the floor and mantle.

You dream of painted desert sunrises by night and cacti casting shadows against a barren landscape by day. Your senses are energized by the mystical spirit of Mother Earth's masterpiece; an infusion of adobe brick, cool stoneware and succulent green. Your cold desert nights are warmed by a fragrant mesquite fire in the hearth and a spicy mezcal margarita in your hands. Your mantle is adorned with art pieces you found while exploring in Santa Fe, your walls are stucco and your furniture is rustic, but in your Southwestern home, it's all about the colorful textiles.

Look for Aztec printed pillows, American Southwest themed rugs and Mexican blankets to bring life and color to your otherwise muted color scheme.