by Sean Wolff March 16, 2021 3 min read

Best Kathy Ireland Home Area Rug Collections

The area rugs designed by Nourison always promise the most avant-garde and up to date styles when it comes to home furnishing, and their Kathy Ireland area rugs collection is no exception to that! The two collections from Kathy Ireland we will be covering today provide a glimpse into just how chic and comfortable your living space could be with the inclusion of one of these elegant area rugs.


1. The Heritage Collection

2. The Malta Collection 

The Heritage Collection

The Kathy Ireland Home Heritage rug collection provides exquisitely styled area rugs that give a contemporary and urban-like zest to your living space. This collection of area rugs will leave your space feeling like you’re living in the penthouse of a New York City apartment building! The designs are all very modern, and the colors promote an inviting and open living space. These comfortable designs are made out of sixty percent polypropylene and forty percent polyester, which are soft to the touch and perfect for lounging and make you, your family, and guests cozy and content.

Heritage Beige/Blue

My personal favorite from the Heritage collection is this stunning beige/blue area rug. This area rug leaves a subtle yet lasting impression in any room. Its deep and vibrant color has a way of complementing other furnishings around it, making it a statement piece on its own and also bolstering other furnishings around it. This beautiful piece will put your home in the upper echelon of style, and have you doing so in absolute comfort!

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The Malta Collection

The Kathy Ireland Home Malta rug collection captures the greatest delights of the past, with some very classic yet modern designs that furnish any home into a quaint and charming living space. These gorgeous area rugs can transfer your home through time, giving it a modicum of old-time glamour while also maintaining the luxurious modern interior design of today. The Malta collection is also extremely comfortable, silky to the touch, and made out of ninety percent polypropylene and ten percent chenille. This collection is compatible with many popular interior design styles such as the rustic and bohemian looks. Allow these rugs to provide the necessary foundation of the past to bolster your home’s style!

Malta Beige/Blue

My personal favorite from the Malta collection is this elegant ivory blue area rug. This area rug has an ornate and sophisticated look that effortlessly elevates the ambiance of any room. The rug’s washed look makes it stylishly antique looking, which provides personality amidst modern decor. This piece with its slight echoes of the past will have your home being the talk of the town!


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Both Kathy Ireland Home Collections

The Kathy Ireland Home by Nourison collections available at The Rug Truck are stunning and affordable centerpieces for any home. Both the Home Malta and Heritage collections provide unique and sophisticated styles that pair well with almost all modern home styles. Whether you are going for an urban look or a more farm style look, there is a Kathy Ireland area rug which will find its place in your home with effortless style and comfort.

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