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Color, elegance, and a bit of mystery, Nourison manages time and time again to impress customers with wide ranging, contrasting designs that feel both ancient and passed down, and fresh and exciting. Experience Nourison's understated elegance, innovative manufacturing process, and devotion to quality from the bottom to the top of the price range by reading on!


1. Natural Innovators

2. The Materials



3. The Manufacturing Process

Loom Woven

Hand Carved

Hand Knotted

4. Our Favorite Nourison Collections

The Celestial Collection

The Passion Collection

Natural Innovators

Aside from a devotion to quality and high design in every price range, the driving forces behind Nourison have always been growth and innovation. A family owned business since 1980, Nourison began by importing rugs internationally to designing their own, but due to their ever increasing popularity, knew that the only way to truly give the customers their due was to begin designing their own rugs. 

From there, factories began spreading beyond Nourison's home in New York, and into international territories, helping the company meet and exceed their 7 day delivery goal for any order worldwide. With over 100,000 original designs, Nourison has repeatedly served as a trendsetter, while retaining the traditional designs of the past. With partnerships over the years with other quality home accessory brands like Calvin Klein and Kathy Ireland, the only thing exceeding Nourison's stellar reputation for trailblazing, is the quality in which the company ensures.

Nourison's Saddle Brook, NJ distribution center is one of three domestic distribution centers


Nourison's devotion to quality at an honest and reasonable price would not be possible without their ever-growing mastery of the materials behind the magic. Here's the rundown of how Nourison ensures such consistent beauty and durability.


This miracle material plays a key role in pushing the limits of what Nourison is capable of creating with their machine made rugs. Polypropylene is the essential bridge between multilayered design and long lasting durability.

Melted down from BPA free plastic, polypropylene provides natural moisture and stain resistance, making it the perfect choice for an active home in need of some added life. Polypropylene alone provides Nourison with a low cost gateway to hundreds of complex and interweaving designs, ensuring that this innovator stays innovating, and for a low consumer price at that!


 When looking at a wool rug, it is evident why its price is higher: wool is a comfortable, strong, and environmentally friendly material that is the cornerstone of any high quality, naturally made rug. Its natural fluff and delicate, plush nature will last for years to come, with the longevity of its colors just as prominent.

Many of Noursion's wool rugs are made with New Zealand wool, which is often touted as the whitest in the world. This allows for broader and wider-ranging color designs that equip Nourison with the proper tools to reach their ambitions in innovative area rug design.

Wool provides a lifespan of roughly 50 years, and cleaning a wool rug ensures only a thorough vacuum and a light scrub with gentle detergent. 

The Manufacturing Process

In order to be synonymous with quality and innovation, Nourison takes great care in ensuring its manufacturing process is as fluid and effective as possible. Continue on to see why Nourison is often praised for its innovation in manufacturing.

Loom Woven

In their ever-growing mission for innovation, Nourison found that Loom weaving their rugs provided the opportunity to combine the meticulous potential of hand knotted rugs, with much of the efficiency of a machine crafting process.

This is how it works: each individual spindle of fiber is pulled taught to opposite ends of the loom in order to create a layer of dyed, colored yarn. Once this layer is complete, the process repeats, creating a second layer of multicolored spindles. 

This process provides Nourison room to experiment with contrasting colors in order to keep their collection of 100,000 unique tapestries a growing list. 

Hand Carved

Hand carving offers an effective way to give a design heavy rug a unique, weathered visual effect. Spindles of fiber are formed into a thin mesh backing, either by meticulously hand tying them or punching them into the backing through power looming tools.

From here, the newly formed pile is precisely trimmed to varying heights which creates "valleys" within the fibers in order to emphasize texture and depth in a rug's design. This method allows specific designs to be sheared into the tapestry, creating yet another way for Nourison to explore the endless possibilities of color and design. 

A female weaver putting the finishing touches on a hand-carved rug

Hand Knotted

The most painstaking method for rug-making of all, hand knotting entails every single fiber being individually formed and tied by hand. Layers and layers of multicolored spindles are scrupulously laid to create a larger image with the utmost care.

Hand knotted rugs are some of the most resilient rugs due to the attention to detail involved in creating their backing foundation. This care combined with the natural materials used ensure a long lasting lifespan and designs that preserve even the most vibrant of colors.

Hand knotting was the original form of rug-making, and Nourison is dedicated to preserving this ancient method. 

Our Favorite Nourison Collections

From loud luxury to subtle elegance, Nourison strives to appeal to as many customer tastes as possible, meaning there is plenty of options to choose from! Take a look at two of Nourison's vibrant collections below.

The Celestial Collection

Sharp contrasting colors swirl together to create an other worldly, ethereal designs that earn the title "celestial." This collection focusses on energy and movement that is conveyed through both neutral and vibrant color palette's. The Celestial Collection is perfect for the customer that wants an eye catching centerpiece for their living room.


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The Passion Collection

The Passion Collection is rooted in the classic, antique aesthetic of ancient rugmaking. Power loomed with polypropylene, it is easy to maintain Passion's thick, vibrant comfort, and its mesmerizing passed down, regal aesthetic. Classic Persian designs are created with lush, calming colors to create an irresistible, and endlessly comfortable collection.


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