by Veronica Viana February 22, 2021 6 min read

Guide For The Best Nourison Living Rug Collections

For more than 40 years, Nourison continues to craft their rugs with the finest materials to craft their luxurious area rugs. From their bold luxury looks, to their understated elegance, Nourison is the perfect fit for anyone's home!

Today, we will be going over three favorite Nourison collections and what each of them can bring into your home. Let’s dive into the cosmic world that Nourison has to offer for us.


1. The Celestial Collection

What We Love About Celestial Rugs

Celestial Collection Styling Tips

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Celestial Rug

2. The Grafix Collection

What We Love About Grafix Rugs

Grafix Collection Styling Tips

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Grafix Rug

3. The Passion Collection

What We Love About The Passion Collection

Passion Collection Styling Tips

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Passion Rug

The Celestial Collection

The Celestial Collection possesses a dramatic beauty with rich, saturated colors that swirl together to create a very unique and vivid design. It is the perfect accent piece for anyone’s home for that added pop of color as well as earthy energy for an even flow. This collection is great for all nature innovators!

What We Love About Celestial Rugs

With the Celestial Collection, each rug conveys a sense of movement and energy that makes any room look and feel unique and relaxing. With it’s cosmic design, it allows the colors and the design to create a flowing atmosphere throughout the room. A person can get lost observing the beautiful blend of colors that go together in these rugs!

The Celestial collection not only protects your floor, but it lightens up the space in your house while giving your home the more modern and luxurious feel without having to pay the expensive cost!

The Celestial rugs have this calming flow of color while accentuating the colors within your home. There’s no structural pattern to this collection, but there is a creative flow that will make a great impression and is very soft! From the cool earth tones to the heat of the warm color tones, these rugs will blend the room together with it’s saturated and blended tones.

Celestial CES09 Blue/Yellow

Celestial Collection Styling Tips

Every Celestial area rug has such a dramatic beauty with rich, saturated colors that combine together to make a unique rug. As there are bold and beautiful colors that blend together, it is a great bold statement piece for any living space. With the many different color pallets, it allows everyone's home to get the same amount of love within all different style preferences.

With its modern touches, these rugs are good for people with simple and modern furniture with a simple and urban contemporary vibe in their home space. You’ll want to walk into your home and have that calm atmosphere as the Celestial Collection will give the space the movement and sense of calming energy you want.

Pulling your favorite color out of the rug and accessorizing the room based on the color will help accent the rug blend, or you can let the rug be the show shopper and keep all the furniture neutral.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Celestial Rug

Celestial rugs are made from 100% polypropylene and don't possess great resistance against high temperatures. It is resistant to moisture, so it has a lessened drying time than other rugs. They are easy to wash as well.

This rug is to create an even-flowing vibe throughout the room. Make sure you keep the room feeling light and elegant with the rug being one of the top things to accent the space. There are different color pallets to make the room have an even flow of color.


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The Grafix Collection

Grafix collection is that beautifully bold and graphic area rug that goes great in everyone’s home! With these simple patterns, it creates the perfect dramatic appeal to any room.

What We Love About Grafix Rugs

The beautiful colors and bold patterns bring such attraction to any living space. This collection is so easy to care for and there is such a wide range of color pallets that it can fit into anyone's home. Different patterns, styles, and sizes allow these rugs to make such a positive statement and leave the room feeling elegant without breaking the bank!

What’s great about this collection is that everyone is not left with just one style in different color variations. Grafix collection is filled with many different styles and color pallets that blend together so seamlessly that it works with any style of home.

From sandy textures, to perfectly positioned patterns, there are so many options to choose from to keep your home with the consistent modern look. There are so many patterns and color pallets to choose and nothing is far from boring to put into your space.

Grafix GRF06 Cream

Grafix Collection Styling Tips

While the Grafix collection is a great way to accent and allow to be the focal point in a home. Keeping simple colors and less patterns in the room allows the rug to blend perfectly into any decor style. Adding the perfect amount of color to pop the accents of the rug will allow the room to blend beautifully and not make it look so busy and overwhelming.

Allowing the rug to add that pop into the room and keeping neutral tones or having a pop of color to keep the color pallet consistent will allow the room to brighten up and feel elegant. Putting this area rug on top of wood floors and beige furniture, it will be known to be the highlight to anyone’s living space.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Grafix Rug

Grafix rugs are made from 100% polypropylene and don't possess great resistance against high temperatures. It is resistant to moisture, so it has a lessened drying time than other rugs. They are easy to wash as well.

Putting an area rug with other patterned fabric such as sofas or paintings will make the room off-kilter. Try keeping light and elegant pieces of furniture around the rug and nothing that would make it clash or busy.

There are many different rugs and patterns to choose from. Don’t stress with just one pattern to make it fit as there are many different patterns and color pallets to this area rug collection.


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The Passion Collection

With this rich, lush, and seductive color pallet, the Passion Collection draws you into its beautiful and irresistible characteristics. The perfect collection for a brighter accent piece to any home.

What We Love About Passion Rugs

The Passion Collection offers a wide variety of color pallets as well as patterns to be the showstopper to anyone's home! The bold colors and dramatic geometric, floral, and stunning abstract designs give it the Persian motifs with a modern twist. It is a thick rug with an easy to care for approach while having that classic soft feel.

Think of the Passion rug as a way to liven up your home with it’s bright colors and make it the statement piece in the room! When someone walks into the home, people automatically see the rug and notice the bright ambiance it gives.

Passion Collection Styling Tips

The Passion area rug is known to be a dramatic statement piece to one’s home. Having subtle and neutral tone furniture such as beige or tan will allow the rug to stand out in the room and make it the center of attention.

Adding a subtle hint of color from the rug into the room like a blanket or a vase will allow the ambiance of the room the flow more evenly. Giving those little hints of color will allow the color to liven up the room and make it a more lively space. Adding too much color will wash out the rug, so no need to go crazy adding in color! The rug will take care of the rest of the space.

Passion PSN07 Teal/Sun runner

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Passion Rug

Pay attention to your decor! These rugs have dramatic and bold patterns that will be the center of attention to any room. Many of the Passion rugs are steered towards floral and Persian designs, so adding too much into the room can feel overwhelming. Keeping the designs basic will allow the space to be even and have that color pallet that will keep everyone loving it every time they see it.

Having too neutral of a room can make the space feel dull and less like a home environment. Having that extra pop of color into the room will allow anyone to be drawn in and made to feel like a comfortable environment the minute they walk in.

There are plenty of patterns, so don’t fret if one style is not what you are looking for. Finding the right rug is like having a comfortable space to live in.

There are plenty of rug designs and collections from Nourison that will be a sure fit. Don’t fret and enjoy the ride of picking the perfect rug!


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