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Having been a family run business for nearly a century, Safavieh Rugs knows the beauty of tradition. That's why Safavieh wants to make nearly every rug feel like an heirloom passed down through generations, in order to create a worn, classical sense of beauty. Today we are covering three of Safavieh's popular collections by going over what we love about each collection, styling tips, and what to consider before adding one of these artisan rugs to your shopping cart. Read on to discover the best collections Safavieh has to offer.

Table of Contents

1. The Artisan Collection

What We Love About Artisan Rugs

Artisan Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Artisan Rug

2. The Brentwood Collection

What We Love About The Brentwood Collection

Brentwood Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Brentwood Rug

3. The Meadow Collection

What We Love About meadow Rugs

meadow Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Meadow Rug

4. More Safavieh Collections for Your Home

The Palazzo Collection

The Evoke Collection

The Artisan Collection

Dozens of designs and colors come together to create this wide reaching collection. This vintage feeling collection is carefully crafted to bring the feeling of a Persian style heirloom to your home, bringing the traditional, hand made art of the past to the forefront of your ensemble.

What we love about Artisan rugs

The Artisan Collection is aptly named after its goal to channel the feeling of 19th century artisan (hand crafted) rugs. This means that the collection often focuses on intentionally faded, rugged designs meant to capture decades of life and storytelling.

An Artisan rug on your floor can be a great tool for escapism from the modern world, as the gently blurred colors and cascading designs capture the feeling of time passed. We also love the variety of color the collection offers, with some rugs emphasizing brilliant golds, browns, and orange, and others showing the possibilities of simple blacks and whites.

Artisan 332 Grey/Fuchsia

Artisan Collection style tips

Because of Artisan's intentionally classic look, it often provides a great contrast to a more modern looking room and can really make the most plain furniture pop.

The Artisan collection is one of Safavieh's most accessible collections due to the sheer amount of contrasting colors and designs it offers across its rugs. However, for designers looking for a more modern approach to style, some Artisan rugs might be too design-heavy to blend in.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Artisan Rug

Overall, the Artisan collection is a great starting point when first delving into Safavieh's collections due to its exemplifying of the "old world" feel. Those wishing to explore the rugged, ancient aesthetic of Safavieh in a way that fits into a modern home should delve into what the Artisan Collection has to offer.


The Brentwood Collection

A modern color palette combines with ancient designs to create a collection that strives to please designers looking for a rug that feels both classic and modern. Brentwood strives to bring Safavieh's antique aesthetic to those looking for a contemporary room finish.

What we love about the Brentwood Collection

The Brentwood Collection is able to create timeless designs through Safavieh's goal for a classic aesthetic, by interweaving blues, grays, and beige's into older, Persian designs. The Brentwood Collection distinctly aims for a design that will bring you to a time long gone while not disrupting a contemporary aesthetic.

Machine woven with the finest materials such as the durable and soft polypropylene, Brentwood rugs will retain their soft touch and their vivid colors for years in even the most active of homes. This makes The Brentwood Collection a practical choice as well as a stylish one.

Brentwood 863 Navy/Cream

Brentwood Collection Style Tips

The Brentwood Collection provides the perfect balance and ambience to rooms that emphasize solid colors. A plain brown or tiled floor matches beautifully with a light gray, blue, or beige Brentwood rug, as well as solid furniture and accessories.

Those looking to make their furniture pop may want to take a different route when designing their living room, as the Brentwood Collection's primary goal is to blend-in, rather than stealing the attention.

Still Brentwood offers some designs that are more extravagant than others. While some embrace the intentionally faded look, others emphasize their darker, fuller colors in order to speak to those looking for a more traditionally beautiful rug.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Brentwood Rug

Although Brentwood's main focus is on the modern design trends, which means neutral, stark colors, there is still plenty of variety to be found. To find the rug that most properly fits the level of color blending and style you're looking for, check out our entire Brentwood selection here!



Looking to explore the Safavieh aesthetic while focusing on modern feeling designs? The Meadow Collection delves into the contemporary with its more subtle patterns and earthy tones.

What we love about Meadow rugs

The Meadow Collection is Safavieh's most contemporary collection that we carry, meaning it emphasizes solid, neutral colored rugs. This collection is for the designer looking to retain the popular fashion trends of the day while still feeling distinctly like Safavieh.

Sleek, chic, and artistic, the Meadow Collection features designs that appear cut from marble and granite. The vivid, clear colors of polyester shine against a strong, solid polypropylene backdrop creating a layered and multi dimensional texture without any overstatement.

Meadow 171 Grey

Meadow Collection style tips

Those looking to explore the uniquely ancient, antique aesthetic that Safavieh is known for should consider exploring Safavieh's other collections first; the Meadow Collection works best as a collection pushing the urban and the modern.

This elegant but more casual collection is great for those looking to bring the earthy colors and tones of the outdoors in. Because of its neutral colors, like gray, beige, and ivory, the Meadow Collection is great for blending in with, and tying together existing décor, while still adding a nice pop to the ensemble.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Meadow rug

The Meadow Collection indulges in the modern, trendy design of contemporary fashion, and for the most part, leaves behind the majestic, heirloom-like designs that Safavieh emphasizes. Earthy tones meet marble like images that are perfect for adding a level of beauty to existing layouts, or designing a room around.



Still not sure if Safavieh holds the rug worthy of your home? Check out these previously covered collections that show off Safavieh's unique, homegrown feel:

The Palazzo Collection

The Palazzo Collection is great for the customer looking to emphasize color within the "passed down" Safavieh look. Each Palazzo rug carefully blends its color and patterns to create a feeling of history, mystery, and tradition. The Palazzo collection offers many choices for the different types of stylists out there, while anchoring its aesthetic in a broken in, rustic feel to energize the home on the go.


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The Evoke Collection

Colors from across the spectrum weave together to create intricate patterns that bring a sense of mystery and discovery to the rooms they inhabit; the "Evoke" collection is perfect for the designer who wants a design that makes their living room pop. A large collection, "Evoke" covers much ground in its choices, making it a great starting point when considering Safavieh.


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