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In a time where fashion is constantly evolving and moving forward, the most refreshing ideas often come from those rooted in the classics. This is a fact that Safavieh Rugs knows all too well. Whether you're home needs a majestic rug worthy of royalty, or simply a place for children to play in a bustling home, Safavieh has got you covered with beautiful, traditional artisan rugs. 


1. A Family Dynasty

2. The Materials





3. The Manufacturing Process

Machine Woven

Hand Crafted

4. Our Favorite Safavieh Collections

The Evoke Collection

The Palazzo Collection

A Family Dynasty

Interestingly enough, many of Safavieh's (Pronounced SAH-fuh-VI-uh) most popular collections emphasize rugs designed to appear "broken in" and aged - like a family heirloom passed through generations. This is because Safavieh knows firsthand the joys, stresses, and constant ups and downs that family life brings. Presently a fourth generation family company, Safavieh has grown significantly since its founder, Kazem Yaraghi, took to the streets of Isfahan, Persia to explore his passion for the respected art of rugmaking back in 1914. 

1936: Hamid Yaraghi opens antique furniture store in Isfahan.

The first U.S. Safavieh store was opened in 1978 on Madison Avenue, New York by Yaraghi's grandsons, so as to spread their families deep rooted love of Persian art beyond their home. This was followed by years of expansion across the U.S. as an international empire focusing on all elements of interior fashion and design was born. To this day, Hamid's five sons steer the company on its steady course, creating an anomaly of a modern corporation - one that has managed to stay in touch with its simple roots of art and family. Safavieh's history continues to ensure that its main focus as a company is delivering quality rugs to families around the world, no matter how large their corporation grows. 

1978: Arash and Cyrus Yaraghi open Safavieh showroom at 32nd Street and Madison Avenue in New York City.


When it comes to the many materials of rug making and the effects they have on the craft, Safavieh knows what's what. Read on to get an idea of the most significant materials behind Safavieh's luxury rugs. 


There's a reason that Polypropylene is so popular among machine crafted rugs: It is one of the most effective synthetic materials in the business!

A key ingredient behind Safavieh's tapestries, polypropylene is melted down from BPA free plastic, which makes it easy to form and long lasting in quality. This is important for a company with as many designs as Safavieh, as polypropylene's accessibility makes hundreds of designs possible and especially emphasizes the complex patterns that go into giving Safavieh its worn in look; and for a very affordable consumer price at that. 

Polypropylene is not only easy for the manufacturer, but for the consumer as well. When life inevitably happens and your rug needs a thorough cleaning, soap and water will do the trick.

100% Polypropylene Artisan 316 Silver


While polypropylene provides the texture, polyester adds vibrant and long lasting colors to machine crafted rugs. 

Naturally resistant to moisture and staining, polyester is made by extracting polymers which are dyed in a liquid state, then reformed into yarns of all colors. Polyester rugs also rarely shed due to their natural resilience and "give," which ensures lasting beauty for years.

Without polyester, machine made rugs would rarely match up with the bright and vivacious colors and patterns of rugs made from natural materials, or their softness. Rugs crafted with polyester provide the benefits of handcrafted rugs for a cheaper retail price.


 Rugs imbued with cotton are usually sold at a higher price than synthetic rugs due to their demand, as they provide a comfortable texture that is difficult to replicate. Cotton is usually crafted alongside materials such as wool, creating well rounded and very durable rugs that are especially fitting for indoor areas.  Cotton is not as stain resistant as other materials used in rug making, but the comfortable touch it provides after a long day is unmatched. 

Evoke 220 Grey/Gold


 When looking at a wool rug, it is evident why it's price is higher: wool is a comfortable, strong, and environmentally friendly material that is the cornerstone of any high quality, naturally made rug. Its natural fluff and delicate, plush nature will last for years to come, with the longevity of its colors just as prominent.

Wool provides the benefits of synthetic materials such as strong colors and comfort, with a lifespan of nearly 50 years, capturing the family heirloom spirit of Safavieh's dynasty. In addition, wool is naturally stain and soil resistant, requiring very little maintenance to bring natural and radiant beauty into your home.

The Manufacturing Process

A wonderfully homegrown company, Safavieh makes sure that throughout their rug making process, the ultimate goal of getting a high quality rug to every customer's home is always the first priority.

Machine Woven

Safavieh takes great care to bring the same traditional artisan, or authentically handmade, feel to its machine woven rugs as it does for its hand crafted, using only the most effective materials to replicate the layered skill that goes into crafting a handmade rug. 

The machines used in the creation of these rugs mechanically weave hundreds of spindles of fiber into a thin mesh backing, eliminating most opportunities for errors in each rug. Machine made rugs are able to put polyester to great use by incorporating hundreds of colors at a time to create intricate and regal designs with a more uniform look than hand crafted rugs.

Safavieh knows that wherever you live, accidents happen; machine made rugs are just as great as a comfortable spot for the wonderful chaos of home to take place as they are a centerpiece of design; and for a lower price at that. 

Machine-made Meadow 333 Ivory/Grey

Hand Crafted

Safavieh's roots are in their hand crafted rugs, grounding the company in their original goal of exploring tradition through design. 

The tufting method punches threads of wool or fiber into a stretched cans, after which a backing is applied to the rug. With tufting, the manufacturer is able to make multiple loops at varying lengths without the use of a machine. This results in durable rugs made in a time and cost efficient way.

Hand knotting is the most complicated and time consuming rugmaking process, revered for its painstaking and intricate detail. Each thread is individually woven as a part of the larger art piece, creating a vivid and truly timeless way of constructing fine area rugs.

Our Favorite Safavieh Collections

Safavieh offers numerous collections that bring different angles to the rugged, artisan aesthetic they strive for. Below are two of Safavieh's popular collections!  

The Evoke Collection

One of Safavieh's most colorful collections, "Evoke" indulges in its antiquity, with each rug being made to bring a feeling of ancient royalty to your home. Colors from across the spectrum weave together to create intricate patterns that bring a sense of mystery and discovery to the rooms they inhabit; the "Evoke" collection is perfect for the designer who wants to transport their home and guests to another time and place. A large collection, "Evoke" covers much ground in its choices, making it the perfect Safavieh starting point.  

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The Palazzo Collection

The Palazzo collection reflects the history of its company by offering a set of rugs that are made to feel like old, family heirlooms. Each rug carefully blends its color and patterns to create a feeling of history, mystery, and tradition. The Palazzo collection offers many choices for the different types of stylists out there, while anchoring its aesthetic in a broken in, rustic feel to energize the home on the go.

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