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Her Journey from Music to Home

From her numerous country music hits to her New York Times Bestsellers, her Daytime Emmy Award Winning cooking show, home décor and dog rescuing, Trisha Yearwood is a “special breed.”

Although Trisha’s reputation preceded her as genuine, authentic and approachable, I didn’t understand the full extent of her inviting warmth until I had the honor of sitting down with her for thirty minutes via Zoom.

Q: After all of your successes in the music and culinary industry, how did you segue into home décor?

A: “I got into rugs because of food!”

When Trisha took a music hiatus to focus on her new role as “bonus mom” to three girls, she was approached by a publishing company that suggested she write a biography about her life.

A spin on the traditional biography

As they got to talking, she mentioned that she liked to cook, a hobby she shared with her mom, dad and sister. Publishing a cookbook as an alternative means of conveying her life story felt more authentic, but was a riskier choice over the traditional celebrity biography. The risk paid off however, and her first cookbook, “Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen” became a New York Times Best Seller in 2008.

Her second cookbook, “Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood” was also a best seller and propelled her career onward as she tackled her next project as the host of her self-titled cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on Food Network.

Now in its twelfth season, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen allows fans the unique opportunity to join Trisha and her special guests into the familiarity of her very own home-kitchen as she shares her favorite family recipes.

Trisha having a blast with her sister on a recent episode of "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" on Food Network

Trisha’s success on TV isn’t a far departure from her singing career, because if you’ve tuned-in you’ll see she is as entertaining as ever! This recent venture can be considered a tie that binds her to her past, as she reflected on the pain of losing her parents who were major influences in her passion for cooking.

“The show became a way to keep my parents alive through sharing their stories and their recipes. It was really cathartic for my sister and I.”

Beyond the Kitchen

If you’re still wondering how Trisha transitioned from entertainment to design, Trisha was just as surprised as she explains the unforeseen meeting with Klaussner Home Furnishings that began it all.

“I took a meeting with Klaussner furniture out of North Carolina when I was doing a show on the road in Austin, Texas. They came to visit me and I was going to say no, because I know what I like, but I don't know anything about designing furniture.”

It was Trisha’s instant connection with Klaussner’s team that gave her the confidence to step out of her comfort-zone. The casual comfort of the meeting and the company's familial culture made Trisha feel right at home. It was a casual meeting, “but it felt so right.”

Trisha's Jasper County line by Klaussner

Soon after her first meeting, Trisha invited Klaussner’s head designer into her own home and the two of them collaborated on her couch to create furniture designs for Trisha Yearwood Home, her furniture brand that achieves Trisha’s main goals: beautiful, functional and affordable.

Her Personal Touch

Trisha’s compelling personality and belief in her own products shines through as she shared an anecdote about a sofa she and Garth owned together years ago that was an eye-opening moment for her. She shared that while they were building their Nashville home, they were living on a trailer on their property overseeing the construction.

“You know that piece of furniture we've all seen that should have been in a man cave. The long Barcalounger thing with a cup in the middle. And it's so hideous and it's brown and you push a button and it reclines and it's horrible looking but it's actually fabulous.”

Garth of course loved the comfort of the couch, and admittedly, Trisha loved it too, but she hated the aesthetic. What could have turned into a domestic argument between she and Garth, Trisha saw as an opportunity.

Trisha wanted to be able to design a couch that was infinitely comfortable, but also beautiful, and out of this conviction came the Tifton Sectional, among others in her motion line with Klaussner.

Fully customizable Tifton Sectional in ivory by Klaussner Home Furnishings

Trisha Yearwood Home Expands

The continuity of beautiful, functional and affordable is also evident in her area rug line which is manufactured domestically. When her furniture line was showcased under area rugs that were not designed by Trisha herself, she knew it was time to bring the entire picture together. Trisha also designs accessories through Imax Worldwide Home and has her own line with Williams Sonoma.

It was a joy and an honor to spend thirty sacred minutes with Trisha as she told her story, and what she’s been doing to stay sane while at home for these past few months. Virtual workouts and cooking to clear her head, and spending quality time with her two rescue dogs and her “cowboy” are among her most notable pastimes.

"I still do music obviously, that’s my heart and my passion, but I really enjoy this and it’s working. Apparently, people have the same taste as I do, so it’s been fun!”

Trisha’s innate ability to relate with her audience, customers, family and friends is the “secret sauce” to her success.

It’s these relational bonds that immediately draw you in to Trisha’s humble, grounded and genuine personality. It’s no wonder that she has found so much success along the way, because she treats every person she encounters with respect and dignity, and she thinks about her fans in all that she does.

All Trisha Yearwood Home collection names featured on The Rug Truck are personal invitations from Trisha to Relax, Enjoy and Gather fittingly named for what Trisha values most.

Trisha posing atop the Oriel Oyster/Multi area rug from her Enjoy collection


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