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What started as a humble, home grown rug business in India has since grown into one of the largest and most popular rug companies in the world. We are talking of course, about Surya, the go to brand for a diverse range of exotic, fashion forward tapestries that retain an authentically classic feel. Read on to discover three of our favorite Surya collections; what we love about them, styling tips, and what to consider before buying each collection.

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1. The Monte Carlo Collection

What We Love About Monte Carlo Rugs

Monte Carlo Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Monte Carlo Rug

2. The Monaco Collection

What We Love About The Monaco Collection

Monaco Collection Style Tips

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Monaco Rug

3. The Harput Collection

What We Love About Harput Rugs

Harput Collection Style Tips

Things to Considr Before Choosing a Harput Rug

4. More Surya Collections for Your Home

The Clairmont Collection

The Elaziz Collection

The Monte Carlo Collection

The Monte Carlo Collection combines classic and modern, focusing on eye catching designs, but colored with soft grays and tranquil blues.

light blue and grey solid rug under a brown leather couch and white chair.

MNC-2309 Navy Monte Carlo Area Rug

What we love about Monte Carlo rugs

Looking at a rug from the Monte Carlo Collection is like getting lost in a classic art piece. Monte Carlo is one of Surya’s more subtle collections; the common thread is its calming, neutral color palette.

This collection is a popular choice due to its adaptability; its designs are great for providing living rooms a calming charm, or serving as a stand-out centerpiece for a room looking to make a statement.

blue and grey tribal rug close up with gold side tabel and chair feet.

MNC-2312 Light Grey Monte Carlo Area Rug

Monte Carlo Collection style tips

Although the Monte Carlo Collection is adaptable and fitting for both tranquil and bright spaces, its greys and blues may be more suited for neutral rooms. Before picking out a rug, consider using the color of your furniture, walls, and flooring to find a rug that will match. Monte Carlo rugs bring out the best in brown floors and plain, solid walls, adding an energy to a room without overpowering it. 

One of Surya’s more minimalist collections, Monte Carlo rugs fit especially nicely into a modern aesthetic due to their understated, carefully crafted designs.

close up of grey and ivory tribal area rug with the corner flipped up to see the backing.

MNC-2314 Light Grey Monte Carlo Area Rug

Things to consider before choosing a Monte Carlo rug

When choosing a new rug, it is important to think about its longevity. As time passes and a rug grows older, so will a family, and the children who once played on it. It's in this way that something like a rug becomes more important than just a decoration. It can be an essential part of the memories made in your home.  As a machine made rug, crafted with polypropylene, the lifespan of a Monte Carlo rug is around 20 years, ensuring its place among those special moments that make up a home.

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The Monaco Collection

At first glance, the Monaco collection is similar to the Monte Carlo collection, with its salt and pepper colors combined with crystal blues. But what sets the Monaco collection apart is its focus on designs that are meant to be noticed and admired.

blue and ivory native american printed rug on the floor next to a white chair and white buffet table.

MOC-2321 Navy Monaco Area Rug

What we love about the Monaco Collection

While similar to Monte Carlo in its adaptability, what sets the Monaco collection apart is the way its rugs use their calming colors to make a design with an unexpected pop. The Monaco collection's rugs were designed to attract the attention of your guests, with their dazzling designs meant to give off a sense of classical elegance to a modern room. 

We love that different rugs in the collection use their soft colors to embody different styles. Monaco offers rugs with exotic Moroccan style patterns, regal bohemian tapestries, and neutral solid designs, making it a diverse collection worth exploring.

MOC-2312 Bright Blue Monaco Area Rug

Monaco Collection Style Tips

A Monaco rug can be the perfect final element in tying your living room together, or the perfect starting point for designing your home. Monaco’s rugs that put gray at the forefront provide a great contrast to white and blue walls, and can brighten up a brown floor as well. Monaco’s rugs that emphasize blue however, are perfect for adding a flare to a tile floor or more colorful walls.

Monaco is a collection meant to be experimented with. For those looking to keep their living room looking sleek and modern, a solid colored Monaco rug is worth exploring. A rug like the one pictured below however shows how a more design-heavy rug can enhance the features of a neutral colored room. Don't be afraid to explore all the options that arise from such a resilient, adaptable rug! 

pink and blue rug with medallion in the center in a kitchen

MOC-2319 Multi Monaco Area Rug

Things to consider before choosing a Monaco rug

Similarly to the Monte Carlo collection, the Monaco collection is a machine woven collection, making its rugs accident friendly and affordable due to the easy to produce and inherently stain resistant polypropylene material. This means that no matter how busy your house is, there's no need to fear with a Monaco rug as the foundation of your flooring.

While Monaco rugs offer both eye catching and minimalist designs, it is important to consider the rest of your room's decor when making your area rug decision. Luckily the Monaco collection has plenty of different styles with differing effects, so when shopping, make sure to carefully look through all we have to offer.


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In contrast to the other collections covered, the Harput collection is primarily focused on autumn colors such as shades of red, orange, and brown, and combines them with royal golds and purples. This collection offers regal designs that embrace the classical, while still providing options for those who strive for the modern feel.

colorful rug with a medallion in the middle.

HAP-1064 Beige Harput Area Rug

What we love about Harput rugs

While many of Surya’s rugs are about embracing the modern trends in fashion and design, the Harput collection emphasizes its classical approach over everything. Each Harput rug was made with the intention of feeling like an antique; something that royalty would have walked on years ago.

Nevertheless, the Harput collection’s designs are anything but outdated. Their striking patterns were created to breathe life into a lived-in room, making it impossible for guests not to notice the warmth that a Harput rug exudes through its traditional stylings and Oriental aesthetic.

The Harput collection brings originality to your home by embracing a classic aesthetic through its multicolored designs and inviting nature.

pink tribal rug at the foot of a tan sofa.

HAP-1020 Garnet Harput Area Rug

Harput Collection style tips

Because of how colorful the Harput collection is, it is easy to either design a room around it, or add it to a room in need of an extra flare. The Harput collection serves as both a way to brighten up a room built around modern, subtly designed furniture, and as a compliment to a room based around colorful designs. 

The Harput collection emphasizes an indulgence in art, and we love the many different designs and colors it incorporates across its options. While some rugs focus on adding the flavors of autumn to a room through its warm reds, browns and oranges, others offer a unique spring time feel, bringing gold, white, and purple to the forefront.

The Harput collection is the perfect choice for the buyer looking for a way to bring the natural colors of the outdoors to their floor.

light grey rug on the floor with a palm tree and mid century modern chair in the corner

HAP-1096 Charcoal Harput Area Rug

Things to consider before choosing a Harput rug

Harput is also one of the largest selections that Surya has to offer. For all of the bright multicolored designs, there are plenty of Harput rugs offered by The Rug Truck that feature plainer designs focusing on gray's and blacks, such as our Charcoal Harput rug pictured above. 

While Harput rugs are a perfect way to incorporate an artist's touch into your home, be wary of the possibility of your rug being so busy that it distracts from the rest of your home. Getting a Harput rug to gently blend with its surroundings may be a difficult task, but Harput showcases many differing designs with various effects worth exploring.

If you think you’ve seen all that Harput has to offer, we encourage you to keep looking, as the ground it covers in style is one of our favorite things about it.


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Still looking for a Surya rug that matches your design goals? Check out some of these other collections that we have covered in past posts!

The Clairmont Collection

Gentle greys and crystal blues come together to create dazzling tapestries for your floor. Layers upon layers of shading and design are carefully intertwined to transport you and your guests to a personal oasis. Each Clairmont rug is a masterpiece that is ensured to catch your eye.


The Elaziz Collection

For those who prefer a simple, elegant look for your home, the Elaziz collection offers a diverse selection of rugs that feature calm, subdued whites and greys, warm pinks, bright golds, and regal purples. At once classical and fashion forward, the Elaziz collection is all about offering a subtle warmth to any home environment.